Under Review

Recurring Transactions

Allow a recurring transaction to have zero as the amount against a GL code. Sometimes with multiple GL codes in the transaction one may not have an amount on that occasion. It would be easier to enter zero instead of having to delete the line and would leave a more accurate account of the transaction.
  • "that's because AP/AR have their own tables to store the 0$ line, but if you look at the journal entry, the GL account with 0$ is not part of the entry

    now when you create a journal entry, there is no other table to store the 0$ entry, and the function isn't building the journal entry like AP/AR - you are - that's why it isn't allowed

    being a developer, I know Sage could solve this by allowing you to memorize the transaction with 0$ line and stripping 0$ lines when you post... "

  • rwester... I believe it would be the same as the A/R & A/P journals.... when you pull up a recurring entry, you can leave a line blank (with an account number), the journal entry does not show the zero, if you recall the journal entry it will show you the places where you left zero balances.

  • "The design question posed by Jim Collins remains: what happens to the lines with zero dollar amounts?  

    Simply Accounting / Sage 50 does not currently allow storing a detail line with a zero amount, even if that line has a comment.  Perhaps it should - I can see where 'No Bank Charges in July' with a zero amount is better than time spent looking for July's nonexistent bank charges.

    My recollection is that in the olden days, multiple lines coded to the same G/L account were not allowed, so had to be summarized.  - i.e. debit 5000 to chequing / credit to loan to reverse wrong amount, then debit $500 to loan / credit to chequing , in one four-line transaction, vs. posting the $4500 difference or posting two separately numbered entries.  I prefer the way it is now, and I think I would prefer the ability to enter a $0 line on a G/L entry.  

    (but I definitely wouldn't like to be the developer / designer, programmer, or tester.)"

  • This is an important request.  There is no point in having recurring transactions if we regularly have to remove accounts with zero balances.

  • I have found this annoying for years. Yes it is possible to do this in the A/R & A/P modules, but why is it not available in the General Journal? I have transactions with 20-30 lines on them, it would be much simpler to be able to leave the account with a zero balance and move onto the next line item.