Under Review

Spell Check

When generating Invoicing/quotes etc. having spell check would be a great tool to have. So your not sending out mispelled words - looks more professional if your invoice/quote is error free. Right now I open up word office to check a word that I'm unsure of.
  • I would suggest to Sage that they consider making major improvements to the invoice screen user interface.  

    The pre-2008 Simply versions were a delight to use by comparison (larger fonts, better kerning, smoother operation, etc) - even the DOS ones were better.

    For that matter, Dos 3 EDLIN was a bit better for typing into, only one line at a time, didn't send the cursor flying off for parts unknown when a line was deleted, and didn't do that weird text-wrapping dance at the end of each line.

    The accounting is good, but Sage doesn't really seem to get that while we print off balance sheets 12x per year, we entered a line of invoicing more than thirty thousand times last year.  

    I agree, spell check would be on my list of dozens of improvements needed to the invoice screens.

  • The technology of the world has trained us to rely on this "spell check" and now we are on our own?  The font is so dang small when I proof read I can't even see what I am reading.  So it's the ability to increase the font size on the screen or spell check ( I actually vote for both).

  • In my experience (quickbooks has it) this can be a big annoyance if your invoice includes any abbreviations or industry specific terms, so it's best when it can be turned off or on in settings.

  • definitely a bonus if this would be added