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Need a Customer PO number field on the Sales Invoice screen

Sage 50 US has this feature. In Sage 50 CA, i need a Customer PO number field added to the sales Invoice screen, and it would be great if this field is also searchable.
  • Been asking for years - they are not listening to us.

  • I have had two customer this week that have had a problem where they needed a field to enter the customer PO number on a sales order and need the option to find the customer PO easily in the reports. It would be preferable to add a traceable custom field that can be found even when the quote is converted to order and then converted to an invoice- it does not need to be listed as "Customer PO". It can be used for whatever the customer wants and can be found in the reports and the advanced search screen easily.

  • Apart from my purchase order #, I need my customer's own PO printed on our invoice and visible on my entry screen. Our customers need to track received shipments and filled orders from us!!
  • We are adding the customer PO# and their Job# to the first line in the "SHIP TO" area of the Invoice.  @ least we can search for their PO# this way.  Please consider adding the "Customer PO#" and "Customer Job#" to the top right of the Sales Invoice.  This could also be added to the Advanced Search options for convenience.

  • that's what I am doing as well, but you still can't search it.