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Issue customer refund cheque from receivable module

To be able to issue a customer a refund cheque generated by sage from within the receivable module. Presently you have to issue a manual cheque which doesn't keep with the idea of a computerized accounting system
  • I have a bank account called 'clearing bank' to do this

    I use it in step 8 above, and I do post the transaction

     db clearing bank

     cr chequing bank

    then I create a negative sales invoice for the customer

    and I 'create a receipt' deposit to the clearing bank

     db ar cr clearing

    the clearing bank is used as a connector between AP & AR

    when I reconcile the clearing bank, if it has a non-zero balance, I know some step was forgotten

  • So if you follow Joseph's solution, when you do the bank rec you have to match a deposit that's too big with a cheque you didn't post and a receipt that's less than what you actually received?  Sorry but that sounds really stupid to me... especially if the cheque doesn't get cashed until the following month.

  • Just got off the phone with Joseph @ Sage support.  Here's the process to issue a refund chq - you just can't post it!

    Note: If hand-writing the refund cheque, skip this step.

    1.Open the Payments window

    2.Select Make Other Payment

    3.Select By Cheque

    4.Select the correct bank account from the From drop-down list

    5.Enter the Cheque No.

    6.In To the Order of, type in the customer's name, then press TAB

    7.Select Continue

    8.Select an account

    Note: Which account is used does not matter; the cheque will not be saved, so it will have no effect on the general ledger

    9.Enter the refund Amount

    10.Enter the Invoice/Ref. and Comment if desired

    11.Print the cheque without selecting POST

    Note: Be careful, do not post this transaction

    12.After printing the cheque, discard this transaction by closing the window and confirming discarding

    This is ridiculously convoluted.  When you receive an overpayment in QuickBooks, the system asks if you'd like to leave as an overpayment or refund to the customer....ridiculously easy!

  • I would like to see something done here as our procedure is to issue a cheque through accounts payable. Lots of work involved and very complex - clear out debit balance in AR if necessary and then create a new vendor in the payables module in the customer name, post an invoice and issue payment. Lots of room for improvement!

  • Agreed! As a bronze certified consultant I find that this issue confuses many of my clients! You need to make the process more intuitive - linking the refund cheque to the customer account that doesn't involve some kind of work around.