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Correct GST rounding discrepancy on invoices

I have been using Sage/Simply for ten years and it's been really good to me and very easy to use. I live in BC and since I have transfered over to 5% from 12%, the GST amount has been inaccruate. We own a courier company and have many waybills or delivery charges per day. I bill out to our customers at the end of the month, listing each delivery charge on the invoice. Simply then tallies the amount, stating the subtotal, the tax amount and the toal at the end of the invoice. However, if you calculate the amount of GST on the full amount of the subtotal, it's 2 - 4 pennies less than the amount that simply has calculated. I understand that this is a rounding problem - but the amount shouldn't be out as much as it usually is. My customers have noticed the discrepancy. I do have an option to adjust the GST on the inovice, however, the invoice still shows the 'simply calulated' GST then a negative transaction stating 'GST not included.' This looks very unprofessional on our part, appearing that we are not charging the full GST amount. I have reimput all the separate transactions in an Excel sheet, calculating all the GST amounts individually then totalled at the end of the columns.There is never such a rounding discrepancy in Excel as there is in Simply. This rounding descrepancy should be corrected.
  • Sage just needs to round to the 3 place.  This would correct the tax issue.  I hope they will allow this to be inputted as a change for Tax GST, PST etc.  Allow us to change that decimal place just for taxes will solve this trouble.  ATM I can only go to 2 decimal place for the whole system in CAD funds setup.  I have no wish to have the bookkeeper have to keep "fixing" the GST amount when it has to be split.  Thank you

  • Hooray I figured it out and it certainly does work like a charm (changing the GST/HST amount by line item - go to the sales menu) - no more annoying message on invoices. Thank you

  • I also have this problem with Sage 50 and the annoying tax message on sales invoices. I would like to be able to solve this problem using adriennegolden's suggestion. I cannot figure out the trick that allows me to change the taxes by line. If anyone could help I would be very grateful

  • I also have a problem with rounding when time is added to an invoice from timeslips.  Sage rounds up an extra couple of pennies.  It must be based on rounding of minutes instead of basing the GST on the invoice subtotal.

  • The people who make POS systems also have to figure out which way to round to a nickel for cash and not round for other payments

    I agree that the software should have an option to round GST by line, or by total, by customer, and by vendor.  CRA allows either method.  Different vendors use different methods.  Various customers may have electronic submission systems with different settings.

    My earlier explanation of the way the software worked, was just that the software was working as designed, and wasn't technically broken.  I never said it was a perfect, or even great, design.