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customer email addresses

I would LOVE to be able to email an invoice, but to more than one person at the same time. Like a cc type of idea.
  • Would like to send the statement to 3-4 e-mail addresses, not only one..

  • We use this approach when emailing EFT remittances advices.  One copy goes to an internal email address so we can forward them or send copies.  Also helps to verify the sequence of payments.

  • I have been able to put two email address in A/R Customer Setup using a semicolon and it works fine unless the email addresses aren't too long, more space needed there for sure but the problem is when sending A/R Statements it comes up as not a valid email address, so you have to go back in to Customers setup  and delete one address send the statement and then go back in and enter the other email address send the statement and then go back in and put both email addresses back in, thankfully I don't have a lot of customers that require two different emails. 

  • Regarding the last two comments:

    *Is it possible to have multiple e-mail address fields in the Customer Address information module?

    1.  There already are multiple email address fields - one in each customer 'ship-to' address, so up to 99 in Quantum.

    Unfortunately they haven't been designed so as to be usable for sending emails - on opening an invoice any customer the record is 'grayed out' and can't be copied from / pasted to the email field.   The email field also doesn't appear in the customer invoice ship-to area.  

    Ideally each address set up for a customer would be on a 'pick list' when emailing a document to that customer.  (probably I want to send an Order Confirmation to the store's shipper / receiver, and send the invoice / statement to the head office / payables contact.)

    *Email address fields require more characters to accommodate and more email address fields.

    2.  I hope you don't choose to do the same as with the phone numbers - (phone 1, phone 2, etc.).  Please make the field titles globally customizable or make the titles a customer record drop-down field, so we can specify them as 'Accounts Payable', 'warehouse', etc.

  • Yes I have tried doing this and it works!

    Just put comma between email addresses before sending.