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Printing of cheques

Why can we print more that 36 transactions on a cheque? We have large suppliers and these suppliers offer discount too. We are not going to print 3 to 4 cheques for a suppliers because Sage is not able to print one cheque. Imagine the cost issue and time to do this. I'm sure it would be easy enough to have all transaction printed (1st copy a cheque and the rest on plain paper) with a message saying that this is what will happened. Has anyone else had a problem with this????
  • When I have more than 36 entries on a stub (I have 2-stub cheques), I go in to Cheque set up and change to one-stub and re-print the cheque on plain paper.  You still get the message that there are more than 36 entries, but they will all print out on the stub section.  I just cut off the stub section and staple it to the original cheque, I make one copy to go with the cheque and one to attach to my file stub.  Until Sage changes the stub to 3 columns instead of 2, this is the only way I know of.

  • Unfortunately in Sage 50 for Payment Cheque settings under Form Type it does not provide the option to "Customize the Form" that I can see.

  • If you go to your Reports and Forms settings for Payments and select custom form, it will allow more than 36. You can optionally customize the form and make it one stub that can handle much more than 36.

  • Say you were to do your accounting by writing everything manually - How would you all handle  this issue if you wrote your cheques by hand? What would you like to see instead? Keep in mind, cheques printed from the bank only have a small standard memo area. Would you all rather see an extra page for memo information regarding the invoices?

  • I have the same problem. I always have to pay more than 36 lines invoices, and I just dont waste too many checks for that, It seems not that intelligent. I have to make checks manually and print the details from Excel. I would like to be professional with Sage 50. Is it so difficult to solve this problem?