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Accountgs Payable Duplicate Invoice Number

When you enter an Accounts Payable Invoice in the system, you have to enter absolutely all the information and then post before it tells you that you have already entered that invoice number for that vendor. Would it not make more sense for it to give you the duplicate invoice message as soon as you enter that invoice number and then leave that field so you don't enter all the information all over again only to find out you need to delete it. Sometimes some of these invoices can very long with many lines of information. This can be very frustrating and time wasted.
  • Thanks rwester for your comment.  My first comment is this has to be a simple fix.  Secondly, the problem with recurring invoices and I admin I have not used them in Sage 50 is that in most months of the year the recurring entries change so much that I think I would be spending the same amount of time deleting the lines I don't need.  Some months it may only be 10 units using fuel and the next month could be 40.  Also our company doesn't use purchase orders.  We deal directly with Oil Companies for revenue and we have charge accounts with all of our vendors that don't require us to have purchase orders.  You are right it has been 3 years just like most of my suggestions that go no where.  When you have 165 people that agree that this certain problem is annoying you think that it would be fixed.

  • Marj, I use recurring invoices for fuel and other supplies, and save the recurring transaction each time.  That works for fuel, utilities, and other periodic statements.

    We started using Purchase Orders a few years ago.  It seemed like more work at first, but we no longer have have the duplicate invoice issue, and we don't have to ask around whether that stuff was ordered, or came in yet, or ask who ordered it for what purpose, when it does arrive.  

    It's been just over 3 years since your suggestions was put forward, I would have liked to see some progress on this, but there hasn't even been motion.

  • We do a lot of projecting on 57 units for fuel, maintenance, wages and phone lines.  There are times I have entered up to 45 - 50 lines of information only to find out that it was entered already and someone had forgotten to stamp the invoice "POSTED".  Talk about ruin your day because you just wasted an hour of your time.

  • I agree 100%.  We do projected expensing and sometimes an invoice takes some time to input.  

  • Absolutely agree! And if the invoice has a lot of details there is nothing more maddening!!