• Sage 2019.2 - Get Open Invoices using Query?

    Hello would like to know if it's possible to get a list of all open invoices using  SDKDatabaseUtility RunSelectQuery command?

    I've looked around here and also the DataDict but can't really find what tables I need to link to get this data.  Any…

  • OpenDataBase always return DBS_LOCKED Error

    Hi, I am currently using Sage 50 and here is my problem.

    I get the connection to work, it returns the host and the port fine but whenever I call the OpenDataBase function, it will always return DBS_LOCKED Error.

    Username and password are the right one…

  • Need assistance interfacing using (CAN) .NET SDK... Need to create customers & invoices. Experienced help welcome ($)

    We are using a development software named Windev (similar to VB) and wish to automate the billing process.  We basically need to check presence of client info, create new clients, create invoices and e-Mail invoices and account statements.

    We are looking…

  • Vacation Pay Rate Data

    Would anyone be able to tell me which table in the Sage 50 CA data schema contains the vacation pay rate (i.e. 4%, 6% etc.) for an employee (and the name of the column)? I am unable to locate this information through the data dictionary. Thank you.

  • Is it possible to import employee pay into Sage using the SDK?

    Is it possible to use the SDK to import employee pay into Sage? I'm thinking it would need to be able to create paychecks but if anyone knows of a better way for employee pay please let me know. I know you can import employees but I want to take all their…

  • SDKInstanceManager OpenDatabase always returns false and has no error messages


    I'm trying to work through the C# sample project in the Sage 50 Accounting SDK (Simply) but for some reason I can't get the opendatabase connection to let me access the database. I have set up my user in the Sage app and I know my username and password…

  • How to find log in credentials for Sage 50 database

    I am trying to go through some of the code examples in the SDK, obviously one of the first functions that runs is the database connection function. I have tried sysadmin with various passwords but I can never successfully connect to the database to try…

  • Querying Journal Entries - Debit/Credit mismatches?

    I'm working through an export from Simply Accounting into a BI Package.

    I have a basic query written that flushes out the journal entry - but the debits and credits for the journal entry are not 'netting' zero because of the positive/negative sign…

  • How to capture the data returned wSDBSelectRecords in sage 50 2016 CA SDK with Visual Basic .NET?

    I´m using ConnectionManagerService.dll and I am using the function wSDBSelectRecords with this syntax: 

    Call wSDBSelectRecords(iDBLink, iTBLink, "", 0, True)

    But I do not know how to capture the data you are going to select in a DataTable…

  • Any Update on this issue

    Hey Guys,

    Any update on this issue iv been looking all over the internet for a solution to this issue. I have .net 4.5.2 installed on my machine and the target framework set to 4.5.2 to no avail any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated thanks…

  • Create/Drop tables

    Is there a way to use the SDK to create or drop a table? I'd like to create a temporary table, then drop it directly in the Sage database.

  • RE: Lookup the default invoice number

    Hi Nick_Alpha,

    Yes, the next invoice number is stored in tCompShr.lInvNum

    lInvNum Number FT_LONG 4 Next invoice number

    lNxtPONum Number FT_LONG 4 Next purchase order number

    lNxtSONum Number FT_LONG 4 Next sales order number

    lNxtRcNum Number FT_LONG 4…

  • RE: How to attach the database of sage 50 canadian in my sql

    From Karthik's other posts:

    " I am developing importing tool for sage 50 canadian. I couldn't find the code in SDK for importing Customer and vendor payments"

    "need to import customer payment,vendor payment "

    "I got Sage 50…

  • RE: How to attach the database of sage 50 canadian in my sql

    Hi Karthik,

    As well as what Keith suggested, signing up for the free SDK (it has some documentation, especially dev-datarel.pdf, that you will need) you may find this helpful: 


    ( This…