• Getting data out of Sage50cloud programatically...

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so excuse me if not. I'm trying to extract data from Sage fully programmatically (no user intervention required). We have a "hybrid" setup where the data is in the cloud (sort of?) and also on local MySQL…

  • RESTful API for Sage 50CA?

    Hi, Is there a  RESTful API for Sage 50CA?



  • SDK 2020.1 not working after Sage 50 2020.2 update


    Our job control system exports invoices to Sage 50 (Canadian Edition) using the latest version of the SDK 2020.1. We had to update Sage 50 to version 2020.2. which includes the up-to-date tax tables. According to Sage Support, there won't be an update…

  • Querying and Creating New GRNs

    I'm working on an application that takes in a structured .csv file and can't find any information on how to query and create new Goods Received Notes. I know that parts of them are stored in the titrec and tjourent tables, but adding to them manually…

  • Developing C# application for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2019.3 (Canadian)

    Hi Team,

    I am new to Sage50 SDK development in C#. My Sage version is "Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2019.3 (Canadian)"

    Getting started understanding development process, I downloaded Sage50SDK20193 and installed it. Here i found C# sample code…

  • Deny sales invoice if customer is invalid

    i'm sure this is an easy fix, but i'm not sure how/what to do...

    I have a Small  VS C# console app that creates invoices in SAGE 50 for me.

    When i enter a existing customer name all is good, but if i make a mistake and the customer does not exist…

  • Handling 'This client often pays late. ' message

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to Sage 50 SDK 

    Quickly, i used the sample code and did some modification so it does what i need it to.

    I am using a easy peasy loop to read a SQL table and "copy" invoices into Sage.  

    i'm am getting issues with…

  • Sage 50 CA SDK and Delphi

    We program in Delphi and I’m attempting to access a Sage 50 2019 database using the SDK, question is, can the SDK be used in a Delphi environment ?  I’ve made a program (based on the C++, C#, VB code samples) to simply open (wSDBOpenDatabase) and…

  • 2019.2 CA SDK download?

    Is there a 2019.2 Canadian edition SDK update available? We just updated our Sage 50 to 2019.2 but when I look for the SDK, the only version I can find is for 2019.1 and 2019.2 US edition.

  • SDK - PurchasesJournal - Project Allocations on Line Numbers

    Hi there,

    We're working on creating an integration using our application and Sage 50 Canadian Edition.

    Currently working on creating Purchase Journal Entries - we want to allocate the line-item on the journal to a project.  In the example, it doesn…

  • Create a Receipt (Payment)


    Does any know how to create a receipt  for a invoice (receive payment) using the .net SDK or using SQL injection? If so could you please provide an example ?  

    I looked around in the SDK couldn't find any method which does that... i am guessing…

  • 2 part security question to access account on the cloud

    I am having issues getting through the reCAPTCHA security questions. In recent days it has taken me an unreal amount of attempts to successfully complete the process. when I try to change to the audio option I am shut down with a message stating that…

  • 2018.0 SDK and System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func19() error

    I upgraded our sage .Net SDK to 2018.0. And from .Net 4.5.2 to 4.6.2. But now when I run our application and try to access sage data I get an exception: System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func19()

    on this line of code: 


  • #C and SDK issues


    A little background... We were asked by a client to create a.Net application to do a few things. The more effort we put in the less success we seem to be having.

    We are trying to create POs, Time records, and add Cost Codes to the DB.

    Reading from…

  • SDKInstanceManager OpenDatabase always returns false and has no error messages


    I'm trying to work through the C# sample project in the Sage 50 Accounting SDK (Simply) but for some reason I can't get the opendatabase connection to let me access the database. I have set up my user in the Sage app and I know my username and password…

  • Avoid exception of prompts being thrown using the SDK

    I am trying to use the SDK to automatically add invoices from another system into my Sage 50 database.

    for this, I use, the SalesJournal, check if an invoice with the same invoice number exists for the same customer, and if not, add the invoice.


  • MySQL Query Logging

    I'm working on some custom Sage integration, so it would be very valuable for me to be able to turn on query logging for MySQL. I haven't been able to figure out how to accomplish this with the Sage MySQL server, though.

    I've tried connecting…

  • Interface issue with Sage 50 2016

    We have an interface which connect with Sage 50. The interface is written in VB.NET. It worked fine before sage 50 upgrade to 2016. The random crash would happen when exporting invoice to Sage 50 2016. There is no error message left. I tried add try.…

  • Sage 50 Can exporting daily sales to Maitre D (Posera)

    Having a hard time finding a 3rd party software to help me export my daily sales from my POS system (Maitre D from Posera) to my Sage 50 2015 Pro Canada edition. Any ideas on how this can be done?

  • Database corruption

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to create an invoice using the SDK. During the process I receive the following error:

    Database corruption. There are invalid account internal id in account department relationship table.

    This happens at a very early stage. Here are…