• SDK invoice 0 $

    I import invoices with a c# program that I made using the SDK. It's working fine, but time to time I need to create an invoice with 0$ total. I'm able to create a sales order and manually transform the sales order to an invoice. Is there a way to do…

  • Export data from Sage 50 CA using SDK

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone has an idea to export the data from Sage 50 CA? I was looking at the method w the class "CustomerLedger" but it has only the Save method it does not have the get method, Please let me know if you have any idea of hints to solve…

  • Enabling Sage 50 (Canadian Edition) Database External Connections

    I've been told that in order to connect to a Sage 50 (Canadian Edition) database using the Sage 50 SDK the database must be "enabled for external connections".  Is this correct?  If so, would sombody be able to explain the process?  Thanks

  • Getting incorrect tax name for given tax code after Sage 50 2019.1 Update

    I have Sage 50 Canadian Accountant company file and following setting are configured in it. 

    • HST tax name is setup

    • Tax code H is setup and mapped to HST Tax name 

    For Receivable accounts , Tax code H is setup for new customers sales

    Now we are sending…

  • Pass variables through import


    I was wondering if there was a way to send more variables through the transaction import procedure using a command prompt? Thinking mostly of password, and confirming inventory items included in sales invoices.


  • Create a Receipt (Payment)


    Does any know how to create a receipt  for a invoice (receive payment) using the .net SDK or using SQL injection? If so could you please provide an example ?  

    I looked around in the SDK couldn't find any method which does that... i am guessing…

  • Direct DB Connections via Connection Manager | Changing Port #s

    Hi folks,

    I have a client that uses Sage 50 (2018.1 + Connection Manager v7.0).  They host Sage on a MS Azure server.  They have 6 Companies (DBs) that I'd like to be able to connect to so that I can pull some high-level data into a custom reporting tool…

  • #C and SDK issues


    A little background... We were asked by a client to create a.Net application to do a few things. The more effort we put in the less success we seem to be having.

    We are trying to create POs, Time records, and add Cost Codes to the DB.

    Reading from…

  • OpenDataBase always return DBS_LOCKED Error

    Hi, I am currently using Sage 50 and here is my problem.

    I get the connection to work, it returns the host and the port fine but whenever I call the OpenDataBase function, it will always return DBS_LOCKED Error.

    Username and password are the right one…

  • Need assistance interfacing using (CAN) .NET SDK... Need to create customers & invoices. Experienced help welcome ($)

    We are using a development software named Windev (similar to VB) and wish to automate the billing process.  We basically need to check presence of client info, create new clients, create invoices and e-Mail invoices and account statements.

    We are looking…

  • Vacation Pay Rate Data

    Would anyone be able to tell me which table in the Sage 50 CA data schema contains the vacation pay rate (i.e. 4%, 6% etc.) for an employee (and the name of the column)? I am unable to locate this information through the data dictionary. Thank you.

  • Querying Journal Entries - Debit/Credit mismatches?

    I'm working through an export from Simply Accounting into a BI Package.

    I have a basic query written that flushes out the journal entry - but the debits and credits for the journal entry are not 'netting' zero because of the positive/negative sign…

  • Add payments to invoices added through the SalesJournal?

    I am using the .NET SDK (C#) to export invoices and payments of those invoices from my own database into Sage50.

    I managed to create invoices (payment type = pay later) in the Sage50 db using the SalesJournal class.

    I now need to add payments for those…

  • MySQL Query Logging

    I'm working on some custom Sage integration, so it would be very valuable for me to be able to turn on query logging for MySQL. I haven't been able to figure out how to accomplish this with the Sage MySQL server, though.

    I've tried connecting…

  • Where payment terms are stored for the customer in Sage 50 CA Edition?

    I'm working on extracting data from the database sage 50 CA, but in the documentation containing the data definition , I have not found the relationship of the payment terms with customers, or where it is stored ( table).

    Here is the information that…
  • If anybody meet the same problem?

    I meet a wired problem when I am upgrading export interface for Sage 50 2016. I am not sure what is the exactly reason cause the problem even I seemed find a solution. I just public some codes here, could anyone take a look and give me any advice? I modified…

  • How to capture the data returned wSDBSelectRecords in sage 50 2016 CA SDK with Visual Basic .NET?

    I´m using ConnectionManagerService.dll and I am using the function wSDBSelectRecords with this syntax: 

    Call wSDBSelectRecords(iDBLink, iTBLink, "", 0, True)

    But I do not know how to capture the data you are going to select in a DataTable…

  • Importing Invoices

    I'm new to Sage and have been tasked with writing the code to import invoices. I need this fairly quickly, so I'm looking around for anyone who may have done this and would have the expertise to walk me through it. I'd be happy to pay for this.…

  • Receiving a Payment via SDK

    Does anyone have an example of how to receive a payment via the Sage SDK? It's looking to me like you have to go directly at the tables (which is a HUGE gap in the SDK in my opinion) but that sounds risky. Anyone know how to do this?

  • Any Update on this issue

    Hey Guys,

    Any update on this issue iv been looking all over the internet for a solution to this issue. I have .net 4.5.2 installed on my machine and the target framework set to 4.5.2 to no avail any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated thanks…

  • […\Sage_SA.Domain.dll] Strong-name signed assemblies must specify a public key in their InternalsVisibleTo declarations” in the latest SDK (2015.3 CA)


    Question about the latest SDK (2015.3 Canadian version), I got […\Sage_SA.Domain.dll]Strong-name signed assemblies must specify a public key in their InternalsVisibleTo declarations” when I call the function SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase…

  • Create/Drop tables

    Is there a way to use the SDK to create or drop a table? I'd like to create a temporary table, then drop it directly in the Sage database.

  • Importing purchase invoices and sales invoices


    I need to export purchase and sales invoices from a software we have developed and transfer them into Sage 50.  I have followed instructions for using the .imp files to transfer the information and this part is working great up until we have to import…