Where payment terms are stored for the customer in Sage 50 CA Edition?

I'm working on extracting data from the database sage 50 CA, but in the documentation containing the data definition , I have not found the relationship of the payment terms with customers, or where it is stored ( table).

Here is the information that I mean.

  • Thank you very much , it is correct.

    In case anyone else has this doubt , I leave the names of the fields:

    Table: tCustomr


    fDiscPay: Discount percentage.

    nDiscDay: Discount if paid in number of days

    nNetDay: Discount if net amount paid in number of days
  • One more question Richard: You can change title to the price list or add a new item to the list price in any version of Sage 50 CA ?
  • Luis Marroquin said:
    You can change title to the price list

    My memory tells me I've never done it.  Short of opening the program and trying myself, I can't say for sure, but I would assume you can.  It's easy enough to test.  The first three Regular, Preferred and Web Price are not modifiable either within the program or database (though I haven't tested this in about 10 years).

    Luis Marroquin said:
    ...or add a new item to the list price in any version of Sage 50 CA ?

    That is the default and only option.  Each item has each available price list possible.  You decide if a price list is applicable to the item and put in a price.

  • The various Editions of Sage can have additional price lists, and they can be named anything you like, and any customer can be assigned a particular price list, an early payment discount term, or a default line item discount rate.

    So you can give customer One,a 5% discount off 'regular' price on everything they buy, and customer two can have 'Preferred', and customer Three gets a 2% prompt payment discount off 'Regular'.

    The Editions (Pro, Premium, Quantum) have different limitations set by Sage, for example while Pro might allow one or two additional price lists, Quantum allows 1000 price lists.

    There is a program built into Sage 50 for setting prices based on a percentage (i.e. 150% of last cost, or 85% off regular price plus $1.00, etc.) You can round the prices to the nearest $0.20 to reduce GST rounding issues.