Exist the price levels in Sage 50 CA?

I'm working on the integration of Sage 50 CA with a third party application with .NET. And price levels are within the required information extracted from the database Sage 50 CA, but so far I have not found any information to verify the existence of price levels in SAGE 50.

When I talk about price levels, I mean distitos prices that apply to a product, depending on the quantities sold. For example: 

Sales  for product No. 1 :

Quantity: 1 - 25 => Unit Price: $85.00

Quantity: 26 - 55 => Unit Price: $45.00

Quantity: 56 - 100 => Unit Price: $25.00

Quantity: 100 - + => Unit Price: $15.00

I need to know if price levels for customer exist in SAGE 50 CA 2016? And in what table of database could find this information?

  • To my knowledge, no Edition (Pro / Standard, Premium / Pro, Enterprise / Quantum, or Version of either Simply Accounting or Sage 50 has ever had automatic, quantity based price breaks / levels.

    It does have multiple price lists, and line item discounts, and up to 5 'additional info' fields per inventory item (tInvUDF), so you may be able to 'McGyver' something (i.e. parse something like "5%/20",10%/100", if you are writing custom code.

    The data dictionary used to be provided as 'datadict.pdf'.
  • Randy is correct. There are no price levels based on quantities in the program. The DataDict.pdf file does list the inventory price list tables and structures.
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