How to attach the database of sage 50 canadian in my sql

What are ways to attach the database of sage 50 canadian in my sql?

  • Hi Karthik,

    You may want to consider signing up as a Sage Development Partners and access the latest SDK.

    If additional help is needed, please email to [email protected]

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Karthik,

    As well as what Keith suggested, signing up for the free SDK (it has some documentation, especially dev-datarel.pdf, that you will need) you may find this helpful:

    ( This is older, so any versions of MySQL mentioned will be different if you're running the latest 2014 release)

    When using ODBC to connect, as with any database, reading data is safe, but don't change any data unless you are 100% certain of what you are doing, and have tested your changes.  Sage 50 does not enforce referential integrity in the database, but in the application, so the MySQL part itself is more of a data store than a relational DBMS.  (and that's another reason not to write data!)

    It is probably possible to connect directly to the MySQL data, but that's probably not what you want / need to do.

    If you have any difficulty, please post back in the Third Party Developer forum.

    I hope that helps,





  • Another idea is to download the workbench from MySQL site . This is an all-in-one program for developers so depending on your skill level the workbench may be to complex. If you want a simple mysql browser you can use yog

  • From Karthik's other posts:

    " I am developing importing tool for sage 50 canadian. I couldn't find the code in SDK for importing Customer and vendor payments"

    "need to import customer payment,vendor payment "

    "I got Sage 50 Accounting SDK to develop import utility for invoice"

    "How can import sales invoice CSV file to Sage 50 canadian? I wish to create a small application in .net to import CSV file"

    "I need to develop application to import invoice,sales into sage 50 canadian"

    It seems that the project is to be able to record invoices and payments into Sage 50 from a Third Party application in .NET.  I'm thinking that since the SDK does not support recording payments on account, that the only practical way to do the payments is to write directly to the database.  

    One would have to study the data structure and code and test until all the possibilities for a payment either work correctly or fail gracefully.  Whether using the SDK or ODBC, or the .NET Connector, or some other technology, the connection's not going to be the biggest amount of the work.

    Workbench will let you attach directly to the MySQL database.  If you're just examining table data, building queries, making snapshots of table data and doing comparisons, MS-Access is easy, and cheap enough, and LibreOffice is even cheaper, if sometimes a little less easy.