When OS language is English, SelectPaidByType("Pay Later") is working fine but when OS language is French then it throwing exception

Hi Team,

I have build sage 50 2020.2 webservice using 2020.2 SDK dlls. After successful build of webservice , transaction are succesful when OS language is Engliash but when I deploy same webservice on OS with French language , webservice is throwing exception at SelectPaidByType method.

SalesJournal salJourn = SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenSalesJournal();

if (CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.EnglishName.Contains("French"))
salJourn.SelectPaidByType("Payer plus tard");
salJourn.SelectPaidByType("Pay Later");

Another user has also face similar issue:


Please let us know if I am missing any dll in webservice that need to referenced or need to put in my bin folder.

Thanks in advance,

Sarvesh Verma