2018.0 SDK and System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func19() error

I upgraded our sage .Net SDK to 2018.0. And from .Net 4.5.2 to 4.6.2. But now when I run our application and try to access sage data I get an exception: System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func19()

on this line of code: 

SDKInstanceManager.Instance.SetAlertImplementation(new SageAutoAlertHandler());
var result = SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase(file,user,password,true,"Our App","OA",1);

The data file seems to open find in Sage 2017.2. Do I need to upgrade the file to 2018.0 before it will work?

I was hoping I could upgrade to 2018 SDK now, and then our customers could upgrade their sage instance as they see fit. 


  • Hello there,

    I have the same issue, any help will be much appreciated!!! 

  • Hi 

    where I can find the SageAutoAlertHandler, I am trying to import the Invoice using SDK and getting the error 

    SimplyErrorMessageException Error: This customer order has not been printed or emailed. Record anyway? Alert messages have not been implemented for AskAlert - To display Alerts instead of catching exceptions, subclass from the SDKAlert class, override the AskAlert method, and pass the object to SDKInstanceManager.SetAlertImplementation() | Stack Trace: à SimplySDK.Support.SDKAlert.AskAlert(SimplyMessage message)
    à Sage.Simply.Domain.Entities.Support.JournalAlert.Alert(AlertType type, SimplyMessage message, AlertResult defaultReturn)
    à Simply.Domain.Journals.APARJournals.ARJournals.SalesModel.IsOrderQuotePrintedOrEmailedOK()
    à Simply.Domain.Journals.APARJournals.InvoiceModel.IsOKToPostOrderQuote(Boolean displayMessage)
    à Simply.Domain.Journals.APARJournals.InvoiceModel.IsJournalValidToPost(GridValidEventArgs e)
    à Simply.Domain.Journals.APARJournals.ARJournals.SalesModel.IsJournalValidToPost(GridValidEventArgs e)
    à Simply.Domain.Journals.JournalModel.PostJournal(GridValidEventArgs e)
    à Simply.Domain.Journals.APARJournals.InvoiceModel.PostJournal(GridValidEventArgs e)
    à SimplySDK.Support.Journal.Post()