bank reconcilation discrepancy

I have a bank reconciliation that show $11,000 as unresolved and the same amount as a negative number (-$11,000 as) a discrepancy.  

On Dec. 25, I did an adjustment for a payroll entry for $11,000 and changed the date to Dec. 23.  This had to be done as this bank stmt runs from the 24th to the 23rd of each month and I had to reconcile the payroll on Dec. 23.  Although EVERYTHING shows correctly in the bank reconciliation, I get the unresolved and discrepancy as shown above.  The only way to resolve this amount is if I uncheck/unclear the original payroll withdrawal of $11,000 but leave the adjusting entry on the deposit side.  This still leave the -$11,000 discrepancy. 

Can someone assist me?

Thank you,


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