Need to import a huge volume of Sales Invoices into Sage 50 - 2017 - Canadian Edition. The SI Data is currently in excel

Can someone please advise on the best method to import a sales invoice. Is the .imp specification the only way to import into Sage 50 - 2017 Canadian? Is there an excel template that I can map my excel data to and then save as a .CSV for importing into Sage?

I am using the following Data

Invoice Number


Order Number


Item Description



  • Hi,

    I don't know of anywhere that a template is available, what I usually do is set up an invoice *like* the ones I want to import, then email it to get the .IMP output file. I then open a copy of the formatted .IMP file in Excel as a CSV.

    There is at least one commercial import utility available that I know of. There may be at least two if I ever finish the one I'm working on.

    There's an SDK if you're good with c# code and plan to do this more than once.

    If you need to do something more complex than the .IMP format allows for, such as fields that aren't available in the import utility, I've had good success using AutoHotKey to key data from a formatted excel-generated text file. (It's a kind of robot key-board and mouse utility)

    I hope that helps, please post back!
  • Problem with importing a large number of invoices without the IMP method is there is a lot of tables you must update so will not be easy. You could consider importing as a sales order and then converting to invoices after import. Far fewer tables involved. Is this a one shot import or is this a regularly scheduled import?
  • Hello, Thanks for replying. This is a one time import. I am establishing Sage for a new Company and they had a very busy year. I have a spreadsheet with 3500 individual invoices and I have been adding them one at a time. The invoices are pay later as I need to record payments against individual invoices. I am open to ideas here because I have another 4 das at the pace I am going. I would be open to importing as a Sales Order and Then Converting if that is an easy option. My spreadsheet is structured to have 1 row for each invoice.
  • I sent you a friend request. I can send you a template. But this method is for Adv. Excel users
  • I would really appreciate that. I am very savvy with excel and Databases and can create and ODBC Connection if it links. Is there a utility required for Sage 50 - 2017 Canadian Version? I do not have the SDK yet. The online form is not working to get it from the forum...