• Payroll

    I thought that I had the date correctly on May 31st.  I had changed the date in Classic View.  However the date had formerly been set in the newer view, and did not change.  I didn't notice it at the time.  So my payroll cheques are for the wrong dates…

  • missing payroll

    I have missing payroll. If I look up the last payroll entry it is missing. If I search by Employee through Employee Detail page it shows up. I use the Ontario Payroll calculator to verify my entries and I am off. I have done my update for 2021.2 

  • Bringing "Vacation Earned" Up to Date

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a good way to bring "Vacation Earned" up to date for employees. 

    When setting up employees & issuing the first paycheque, the "Retain vacation" function was checked but I did not specify percentages. Moving forward…

  • Payroll reimbursements showing as "net pay" rather than separately

    Hello all, 

    I am needing some help with reimbursing expenses to employees. 

    I am bookkeeping for a small construction company. Employees pay for materials out of pocket and then are reimbursed. I followed Keith L's method (https://www.sagecity.com/ca…

  • QPP earning not equal with QC gross earning

    QC gross earning has Taxable benefit (Fed&QC) included, how can i fix it?

  • Payroll

    Payroll module has been cancelled b/c the company is no longer running payroll.  Balances remain in Vacation Payable and Advances that need to be cleared.  We can't make a JE directly between accounts - the error message is that the adjustments need to…

  • How to manually change employee vacation

    I paid out an employee's vacation pay but then realized it was the incorrect amount. I went to reverse the paycheque but it is saying I need to manually edit the employees vacation before I can do so.

    How do I do this? 

  • Retroactive pay processing for multiyear?

    Can anyone advise me how to add retroactive pay for multiple years. In all of my reading, there are two scenarios. One is you take the annual amount, figure out the tax paid. Then you figure out the difference with the new amount and subtract that from…

  • Taxable Benefits

    I have an employee being paid a taxable travel benefit and a taxable cell phone benefit. CPP & EI will be calculated on both and they are included in Insurable Earnings. My question is, being these benefits are included in income, will vacation pay be…

  • How to set up Reduction of Income Tax Deductions at Source Letter F1 VALUE

    How to enter the value provided by the letter in SAGE? 

  • Jorrnal entry for gasoline reimbursement

    Help.  I have done this for several employees and it has worked.  However I have new employee and I entered $50 under Gasoline on his payroll window.  Unlike the other employees the journal entry adds this $50 into wages rather than having a separate line for…

  • Shareholder payback through payroll

    Hi,  My accountant wants me to do some bonuses for an owner/shareholder to virtually pay back the money they borrowed.  The shareholder already receives a monthly salary so this would be in addition to their existing salary.  The shareholder will not receive…

  • Year End Deductions Due to CRA

    I've been using Sage for years and at the end of the year there is usually a small discrepancy owing for this small business to CRA

    But this year there is over $4200 owing  for EI and CPP

    I don't know where this came from, I'm extremely stressed, its…

  • CPP is not being deducted off just one of our employee's paycheque

    CPP is not being deducted off just one of our employee's paycheque.  All other employees are fine.  All the check marks appear where they should be for deductions.  Has anyone encountered this problem?

  • Payroll Module

    Good Afternoon,

    Just wondering on cancelling the payroll module.  Our payroll is now outsourced.  If I renew my subscription without payroll, does the payroll info go into read only mode? Is my payroll history still accessible?  TIA.

  • Electronic Filing T4's the CRA web link goes broken

    I want to file T4's online 

    After saving the XML file and click the T4 internet filing link in Sage 50 the browser opens to page can't be reached.

  • How did this happen in payroll?

    I think I clicked on a button when I was trying to process payroll and below is what happened. Have no idea what I did but want to prevent it...any ideas

  • Using the general journal for entering payroll

    I was searching on the feeds in here about using the general journal to enter payroll. I was told how to do it by a training and was given the accounts to use and I found one from 6 years ago that explained what accounts to use from the chart of accounts…

  • Adding to code or box 40.

    I need to adjust the income tax for the Employer RRSP contributions made and according to the CRA I need to record this in box 14 (which I can adjust) and then i need to enter in code 40 and the amount of the employer contributed RRSP.  I am not abel to…

  • Employee Banking info for direct deposit payroll

    Hi, I have payroll with direct deposit set up in Sage 50 (Canada version) and I've just added a new employee but his bank info was incorrect.  Consequently my bank CAFT rejected his entry.  I got the correct bank info and changed it in Sage but for…

  • How to email previous paystubs in batch


    I have to create EFT for my boss two days before our pay day, and the paystubs won't send to the employees till the pay day.  For now, I have to reopen each employee paystub click send by email.  Is there a way to load the previous period paystubs…


    When an employee takes vacation and I want to pay them for those hours, I enter the # of vacation hours to be paid on the Vacation Tab, in the This Period - Hours field.  The program should multiply this amount by the employees hourly wage to calculate…

  • Telpay clearing account

    When we run payroll the cheque’s for the employees are paid from a clearing account. My question is when we are making a payment for payroll remittance what are the entries I need to do and how. Please someone help as I  am having a hard time understanding…

  • Holiday

    Sage 50 does not allow to add holiday .

    How can i add  it to payroll?

  • Bonus not taken as pay but put into Company RRSP account for the employee

    How do I set up the Deduction entry so that the Bonus shows on the Pay stub and then is allocated to the RRSP account.  Where in the Settings do I set this up?  Also how do I set up the Bonus that it doesn't add the 4% Gross to the RRSP account.