reversing payroll advance without access to payroll module

I have a balance on a payroll advance account from a previous year. I can't access the account through the general ledger even if I unlink it and make it an "other asset"

I no longer use the payroll module so everything is grey and I probably couldn't access the pay cheque anyway since it is from at least 2 years ago, prior to my joining the company.

Does anyone have a bright idea on a workaround for me?

When I look at the current year to date for all employees all is showing 0.00 other than this amount sitting there for one employee. 

I need to clear the account since it is part of cleaning up the books at this point.

Thanks for any and all help.

  • Hi:

    To clear this advance, go to the individual within payroll and record the advance having been paid back in your current year(I would probably date it January 1st). Look at the report of the entry to be made and print it then record(post) the payroll advance being paid back but make any adjustments to vacation pay before posting. Make a journal entry to record the accounts affected and the bank to be credited to clear the original advance and the advance being paid back.

    Hope this helps!

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