Creating a paycheque

I am new to Sage and am just starting to do payroll in Sage.

I wanted to start payroll for 2018, however when I go to make the paycheck it says the following: "Until you finish entering payroll history details, you must calculate and enter all taxes manually. Automatic calculation could generate inaccurate numbers if entering history has not been completed."

As this is the start of a new year, I do not understand what payroll history details Sage wants. Does anyone have any insight in this?


  • When you are in the first year of using Sage 50, you have the opportunity of entering opening balances.  With respect to payroll, that will include things like Vacation Pay owing, Gross, EI, CPP, etc.  You are correct that at the beginning of a year, entering the first paycheque there are no previous Gross, CPP, EI, etc. amounts calculated but there could still be Vacation Pay owing from the previous year.  But sometimes people switch to Sage 50 at the end of Sep and therefore, some employees have been paid and some employees have hit EI and CPP maximums.  If the program doesn't know about this by you entering the opening balances for the year to the end of Sep, the program will continue to calculate EI and CPP for that employee(s).

    However, the concept of History mode is not specifically payroll related.  It has to do with the whole company file.  If you have already entered all your correct opening balances, then backup your file and use the History menu to complete History mode.  Then payroll will start to calculate automatically.

    If you have not completed entering your opening balances on the balance sheet, income statement (if applicable), vendors, customers, etc. then you should be doing that as soon as possible.  You cannot complete your first fiscal year in Sage 50 and move to the next one until opening balances are completed.