Electronic filing of T4 summary

This is my first time using sage to file T4's electronically. I went through all the steps and an XML document was created, however as far as I can tell there was no T4 Summary created. Is this correct? My issue is, I did not have my remittances set up in sage for 2017 so my T4 summary is incorrect unless I am given an option to put an amount in the "other remittance" box. I can only do this however if I print to paper. Am I missing something? Is there another step for the summary when submitting electronically or does the summary have to be submitted on paper regardless or is a summary not required for an electronic submission? 

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    Another question, do you know why I can't select box 40 for an employees RRSP deduction when filing electronically in sage? Do I need to complete any T4s by hand for every employee who is contributing by hand?

    To clarify, are you stating the employee contributes to a company RRSP plan or are they contributing to their own personal RRSP using the employer to deduct the RRSP amounts and the employer is remitting them to the plan on their behalf and the employer is not contributing to the plan.