Generated T4's should automatically check the CPP or EI Exempt boxes based on the birthdate entered for each employee

When creating an employee a birthdate is required before the profile can be complete.  The calculate CCP and EI boxes are automatically checked in the profile which is preferred but there are employees who are exempt due to their birth dates either for the entire year or partial year.  Can Sage 50 somehow link the checking and unchecking of these CPP and EI calculation boxes based on the birth dates that are entered for each employee? 

This eliminates the need to manually check these things before generating the T4's...unfortunately this is usually only noticed after they have been generated and then corrections need to be made before generating the correct T4's.

Please Sage 50, fix this seemingly very simple problem!

  • Program changes always seem to be simple but are they? While there are some Sage staff viewing the information on this forum they rarely respond. the responses provided are from experienced key users who have used the program for many years. To make a suggested change to the program your best way to get it reviewed by the development team is from inside the program. Go to Home Window / Help /  Submit Product Idea and a window will open that provides a place for you to enter your suggestion. Please be clear when describing your problem/concern/area to be improved and making a suggestion of the results of the change will help greatly as well.

    I hope this helps to get the check boxes checked when necessary.

  • But EI Exemption is not based on one's birthday only CPP is and between the ages of 65 and 70 the employee has the option to opt out of CPP provided they have filled out the proper forms with HRDC.  Therefore it would not make any sense to check mark or removed check mark for EI based upon ones' age.  If you are marking someone EI exempt based on a person age you have filled out their T4 incorrectly