How to track and pay "sick days" aka Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) days for Ontario

As of 2018 in Ontario, employees are entitled to 10 PEL days a year, and 2 of these days must be paid PEL days. This is a two part question regarding PEL days aka "sick days".

1. It seems like the ENTITLEMENT section of the payroll module is meant to accrue days based on time worked and then to deduct days taken from that accrual. But with Ontario's new laws regarding sick days, this process basically works in reverse: employees do not accrue sick days, they begin with the maximum and days taken are just deducted from it. Is it possible to achieve this in Sage or will people need to keep separate records for this?

I honestly cannot figure out how to do it in sage.

2. Based on my understanding of the new laws, any PEL income does not count as "regular" income, and thus is not used to calculate any holiday pay. Therefore it makes sense to create a PEL income category apart from regular income. How is PEL/SICK PAY calculated in Ontario? 8 hours x hourly wage? I cannot find any literature on this.