• how do i do an inquiry into a general ledger account

    how do i do an inquiry into a general ledger account

  • duplicate job number error message

    I am trying to add a new job and keep getting an error message  'You have entered a value that has been assigned to another record.  You cannot have two records with the same value.' .   No matter what value I try to use I get the same message even…

  • Linked Accounts

    I was about to do the payroll when this message appeared. " Some linked accounts in this module are undefined, Enter them before entering a transaction? I never changed the settings and wondering why all of a sudden this message pop-up. what do you think…

  • Entering data before fiscal year start

    Hello - I have a new client who's took over their business on May 29th but want a fiscal year start of June 1st.  How do I enter transactions from May 29th without making their fiscal start May 29th?

  • Entering transactions in historical mode


    I just started bookkeeping for a new customer.  Up until now, I had only bookkept my own business so I never had to worry about entering opening balances in historical mode. This new company was existing already.  I am bookkeeping for his 2016 year…

  • Reconcile the bank for the first time

    I am taking over the bank reconciliation of an existing company that has not use the bank reconciliation feature before.  My unresolved transactions is the prior month bank balance.  How do I get that to zero?  I have read the procedure on "Reconcile an…

  • Heads up for recurring transactions - with the new "payment" workaround

    If you are saving transactions as recurring transactions, be sure to "pin" the method of payment when saving as a recurring transaction, or the recurring transaction will come up as pay later, every time.  

  • Sole Prop Bank account question

    This is the first sole proprietor business I have ever done so I have a few questions.

    - The company just opened at the beginning of December, her year end will be Dec 31st.

    My question is regarding her start up expenses.  She used personal credit cards…

  • sales taxes paid for small business


    I'm a new bookkeeper and asked my bookkeeping mentor about posting receipts with GST/HST amounts in Sage which require record sales taxes business paid.

    Do I have to record sales taxes paid by business if I don't collect them at the end of the…

  • Gift Card for customer


    New Year is around the corner, and our company will purchase some gift card for customer as thank you gift.  How do I entry this kind of transaction ? (Treat is as advertising and promotion?)  

    Thank you in advance.

    Wish everyone have a Happy New…

  • Bulk Item Discount Levels

    So my company we sell caps wholesale

    Now when a customer buys 1 cap it's 7$

    But if the customer buys 72 caps he gets a .50$ discount so each cap unit becomes 6.50$

    Now if the customer buys 144 caps he gets an additional .50$ discount which is 1$ discount…

  • Adding cost to an inventory item

    Hi guys my partner when he first started the company he inputed all the inventory items but he did a pretty sloppy and bare minimum job

    He didn't put the cost of the item anywhere, but I'm trying to figure out where to put it now because I want to be able…

  • setting up RRSP

    How do i set up RRSP in Sage 50 Canadian Edition properly.

    Why is it set up in INCOME and DEDUCTIONS section

    How do i set it up under Current Liabilities so that i can credit and debit when our benefit provider withdraws the money from our account

  • how to record 'net tax' on a CRA assessment

    New client, behind in GST remittances
    they have a note from CRA which estimates what the GST amount will be, ie
       net tax 300.00
       arrears interest 28.00
       penalty 12.00

    so I would pay expenses for 340.00, and
       db xxxxx 300.00
       db non-deductible penalty 12.00

  • processing a payment using personal funds

    My boss incurred huge expenses on a company business card but recently he paid them off with his own personal money.  He does not want a reimbursement of the payments but wants the invoices to show as paid.  I know this is not good practise but he insists…