• Sage 50 desktop one year licence available at retaillers

  • duplicate job number error message

    I am trying to add a new job and keep getting an error message  'You have entered a value that has been assigned to another record.  You cannot have two records with the same value.' .   No matter what value I try to use I get the same message even…

  • Payroll linked accounts

    The payroll linked accounts are showing up in settings but when I try to add an account to an income that isn't linked yet, it won't show the regular Wage & Salaries account. I tried to copy and paste from another linked account that already has that…

  • Any other partners having problems running 2012 and 2011 after 2019.2 upgrade?

    Any other partners having problems running 2012 and 2011 after 2019.2 upgrade. Only those two version, 2010 runs OK and 2013 ok. No error message the connection just disappears after log in. Have uninstalled and reinstalled.

  • Change Sage 50 Drive login

    How can I use another Sage Drive login on my computer?  I have two personas, depending on what type of work I am doing.  Some is contract work and some is employment work - so I have two different SageIDs, with two different email addresses.

  • Hi! How to reflect the Sales Tax (VAT) in the Sales Invoice printout?

    Hi! How to reflect the Sales Tax (VAT) in the Sales Invoice printout?

  • SAGE50 Premium Slow Performance with New i7 PC with SSD & 16GB RAM


    I recently upgraded one of my customers from Simply Accounting Pro 2006 to Premium 2017, what was running fast on 2006 is now ultra slow in 2017, sometimes taking close to a minute to create a new customer!

    I indexed the database which is quite large…

  • Data Error creating new company

    Trying to set up a new company in Sage 50 Accountant Edition version 2018.3 and keep getting a data error as follows:

    "The program detected problems while creating your data.  Wait a few moments, and then try to create it again."

    Have tried…

  • Sharing data file simultaneously

    Hello, how can my client share thier "sage 50 pro" data file with me (I have the accountant edition of sage 50), so i can work on thier file remotely? And simultaneously? Also, is there a link and/or video that discusses the information to show the client…

  • Owner used own funds((interact) to pay for expenses Sage 50 Canadian edition

    owner used his own personal bank account to pay(interact) for some opening expenses on new business he has opened. A account that I will not be reconciling. He did this before a seperate bank account and visa were set up. This a partnership. How would…

  • Distribute to Client Computer

    Hello all,

    We've been using the SDK and everything is working great on our development box. However, we are now ready to distribute to our clients computer. The documentation seems pretty sparse in this regard.

    How do we distribute the SDK to our…

  • Sage 2017.1 SDK

    The 2017.1 Sage 50 client installation has begun happening for my clients and the appropriate SDK has not been posted.  This is where I have been downloading it from: http://www.sage.com/ca/sage-50-accounting/download/sdk/download

    This is the first time…

  • Why is "Pay Later" never properly selected?


    I have this issue where all invoices created from the below code are always created with payment method "Cash", even though I make it "Pay Later". Also, the invoices have a "PAID" stamp on them, which they shouldn't according to SAGE users here…

  • 2015.4 SDK

    Can anyone direct me to a copy of the SDK for 2015.4. It doesn't seem to be listed here: http://www.sage.com/ca/sage-50-accounting/download/sdk/download

    Thank you,


  • how to add informatic equipment to company's inventory

    Hello, new at Sage 50!  In the process of entering company's invoices and all for the last year.  A laptop was purchased, how do we add it to the company's inventory? No purchase order, purchased cash at Future Shop

    Thank you

  • ODBC connection failing

    I am trying to connect to the Sage 50 database using ODBC/My SQL connection.  In MySQL Connector/ODBC, I enter Sage username and password, , I select TCP/IP Server : localhost (database is local on this computer), I leave the port to default (13540), and…

  • RE: Query for job costing across three databases

    Well, this has proven to be a bit of a wild goose chase so far!

    I've had a few offline discussions with Richard Ridings as well, and I now have a query that works fine (thanks Richard!) - as long as it is run manually. I can run all three - manually …

  • Get the Sales Invoice PDF using Sage SDK Canada Edition

    I am using SAGE SDK For Sage 2014 Canada Premium Edition.

    I am using a SDK to create the Invoices in C#(.NET)

    What i want is that possible to get the generated Invoice PDF may be in byte array that i can get using SDK so that i can store the copy in…

  • CIBC Positive Pay

    I have a client using Sage 50 Quantum and would like to use CIBC Positive Pay.  It is a very detailed format, with specific character spacing, that the CSV file has to be in.

    Does anyone have any experience in creating this file easily?  I was thinking…