• Payroll linked accounts

    The payroll linked accounts are showing up in settings but when I try to add an account to an income that isn't linked yet, it won't show the regular Wage & Salaries account. I tried to copy and paste from another linked account that already has that…

  • Change Sage 50 Drive login

    How can I use another Sage Drive login on my computer?  I have two personas, depending on what type of work I am doing.  Some is contract work and some is employment work - so I have two different SageIDs, with two different email addresses.

  • Create an Invoice and send it by EMAIL using SAGE SDK

    Hey Guys, 

    I installed the Sage SDK and created a easy app to create an invoice. all is good, except i can't figure out how to have the invoice sent itself by email? 

    Also because i am not printing the invoice the SDK stops and asked me if i'm sure…

  • Export Transactions from Sage to .IMP file


    I'm looking for a way to export transactions from Sage 50 Accounting to a .IMP file so I can import it in another Sage database. I asked support and it looks like it is not supported by Sage but there are partners who can help. I just need a one time…

  • Import general journal entries

    i need help with import general journal entries

    I would like to import a text file containing two transactions an invoice and a payment but I have the error below:

    Import started...
    Reading transactions...
    Reading transaction…
  • Data Error creating new company

    Trying to set up a new company in Sage 50 Accountant Edition version 2018.3 and keep getting a data error as follows:

    "The program detected problems while creating your data.  Wait a few moments, and then try to create it again."

    Have tried…

  • Payroll and syncing

    I am hoping someone can help me figure this out.  I am just starting up a bookkeeping business.  My first client would like me to take over the bookkeeping and also take over payroll services.  Until now, they have been getting the receptionist to do…

  • Changed year from 2017 to 2018 and then to 2019 by mistake - and backed up by mistake - cannot restore to earlier state

    Hello,  in Simply Accounting 2007, I had advanced the fiscal year from 2017 (to 2018) and go distracted and advanced again to 2019.

    Not noticing the mistake, when exiting, I backed up overtop of my 'good' backup and now cannot restore.

    No transactions…

  • Sage_Sa_Import.exe not working after update to version 2017.2

    I have been successfully exporting Invoice data from Excel using Sage_Sa_Import.exe for years. Any updates come along I make sure to refer to latest release of Sage_SA_Import.exe.

    Since my last update to version (2017.2) this no longer works. The program…

  • SDK Utility Functions

    I'm trying to update a single record using an SDK Utility function using vb.net.  I seen the example Sage provided that can update ALL field records.  Here's syntax:

    Util.RunNonQuery("Update titluli SET sDesc = something")

    This will update…

  • Sage Drive

    I have been having a lot of issues with Sage Drive in the last two days.  It started without being able to open a Sage Drive company and it would shut down.  When i would try again it gave me a Database error.  Today I was able to enter into a sage Drive…

  • sdk 2014

    Does anyone know how to get, or have access to sdk 2014.0.  Sage link is broken.

  • Has anyone done a multi-year sql data dump from Sage50 Premium?

    Just as it says. Exact scenario is that the client is switching from Sage50 to an industry specific software and would like to bring in all their transactional history. This is definitely going to require an SQL query across multiple tables and I have…

  • .sfm file format

    Does anyone know the file format for Simply's .sfm template files? I need to load it in my solution to make a PDF of an invoice.

  • Windows Explorer properties Sage 50 tab

    Just switched to a new server, and everyone in the office has lost important functionality.  It used to be that if we displayed the Windows properties of any .sai file, in addition to the usual General, Security, Detail, and Previous Versions tabs, there…

  • How to give your customers a customer number

    For one of my application I have a list of my customers and it requires me to give them a unique ID so we deicded to go with numbers 5000-0000-0001 and it increases everytime a new customer is made

    Now is there any way for me to give my customers in sage…

  • MS Query to Sage 50

    I'm trying to query a Sage 50 database ("corpname.sai") from MS Query. I'm on a laptop, so local - no other users. This database has never been on the laptop before, but I seem unable to connect to it for any of a number of reasons.

  • importing information

    I work for a small fuel supply company and we use simply accounting premium 2012.  We have started a cardlock and use OPW fuel management system for generating reports.  Would there be any way to import those to Simply Accounting to create invoices?


  • ODBC connection failing

    I am trying to connect to the Sage 50 database using ODBC/My SQL connection.  In MySQL Connector/ODBC, I enter Sage username and password, , I select TCP/IP Server : localhost (database is local on this computer), I leave the port to default (13540), and…