• duplicate job number error message

    I am trying to add a new job and keep getting an error message  'You have entered a value that has been assigned to another record.  You cannot have two records with the same value.' .   No matter what value I try to use I get the same message even…

  • Linked Accounts

    I was about to do the payroll when this message appeared. " Some linked accounts in this module are undefined, Enter them before entering a transaction? I never changed the settings and wondering why all of a sudden this message pop-up. what do you think…

  • Owner used own funds((interact) to pay for expenses Sage 50 Canadian edition

    owner used his own personal bank account to pay(interact) for some opening expenses on new business he has opened. A account that I will not be reconciling. He did this before a seperate bank account and visa were set up. This a partnership. How would…

  • Entering data before fiscal year start

    Hello - I have a new client who's took over their business on May 29th but want a fiscal year start of June 1st.  How do I enter transactions from May 29th without making their fiscal start May 29th?

  • Entering transactions in historical mode


    I just started bookkeeping for a new customer.  Up until now, I had only bookkept my own business so I never had to worry about entering opening balances in historical mode. This new company was existing already.  I am bookkeeping for his 2016 year…

  • Heads up for recurring transactions - with the new "payment" workaround

    If you are saving transactions as recurring transactions, be sure to "pin" the method of payment when saving as a recurring transaction, or the recurring transaction will come up as pay later, every time.  

  • Sole Prop Bank account question

    This is the first sole proprietor business I have ever done so I have a few questions.

    - The company just opened at the beginning of December, her year end will be Dec 31st.

    My question is regarding her start up expenses.  She used personal credit cards…

  • sales taxes paid for small business


    I'm a new bookkeeper and asked my bookkeeping mentor about posting receipts with GST/HST amounts in Sage which require record sales taxes business paid.

    Do I have to record sales taxes paid by business if I don't collect them at the end of the…

  • Gift Card for customer


    New Year is around the corner, and our company will purchase some gift card for customer as thank you gift.  How do I entry this kind of transaction ? (Treat is as advertising and promotion?)  

    Thank you in advance.

    Wish everyone have a Happy New…

  • setting up RRSP

    How do i set up RRSP in Sage 50 Canadian Edition properly.

    Why is it set up in INCOME and DEDUCTIONS section

    How do i set it up under Current Liabilities so that i can credit and debit when our benefit provider withdraws the money from our account

  • how to add informatic equipment to company's inventory

    Hello, new at Sage 50!  In the process of entering company's invoices and all for the last year.  A laptop was purchased, how do we add it to the company's inventory? No purchase order, purchased cash at Future Shop

    Thank you