How to give your customers a customer number

For one of my application I have a list of my customers and it requires me to give them a unique ID so we deicded to go with numbers 5000-0000-0001 and it increases everytime a new customer is made

Now is there any way for me to give my customers in sage the same number even if I manually have to enter it, I cant seem to find a field

  • There is no field designated for this purpose. If you aren't already using the Contact field I would put the customer number in that field and it can then be used for sorting.
  • If your application is integrated in some way with Sage 50, the application vendor should know which field would suit best (unless you are the developer!).

    According to the Sage 50 documentation (datadict.pdf) Sage 50 uses 'tCustomer.LiD' (the (max 4-digit) internal customer ID) as the primary key, but also enforces tCustomer.sName (the customer name) as unique.

    If your application needs to reference the customer record in Sage 50 directly, the internally created Customer ID might be the best.

    Sage 50 has 'Additional Info' fields that you could use to identify the customer. These are stored in a separate data table, so if your application needs to reference them for an import, that may not work as well as the Contact, since that is stored with the customer record in tCustomr.sCntcName

  • Interesting that Sage has a customer account ID in the software for their internal use (i.e. support inquiries) but people who purchased the software have no option to auto generate or use a designated customer number field.

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