Payroll linked accounts

The payroll linked accounts are showing up in settings but when I try to add an account to an income that isn't linked yet, it won't show the regular Wage & Salaries account. I tried to copy and paste from another linked account that already has that account in the field and it makes me pick another account because the original account (5410 Wages & Salaries) isn't listed. I checked the chart of accounts and the account is there. I tried changing the account class to "Payroll" but that didn't change anything. Is this a corrupt file?

    This is what the linked account shows.

  This shows the linked account not showing up anymore.

  This is the error that shows up when I try to keep the original linked account that I want.

Please help.

  • This kind of this is rare in Expense accounts.  However, my gut says it is linked to something that can only be linked once, so it is now removed from accounts that can be linked again.  The old linking is still valid because it was linked before the change.

    Off the top of my head, I would suspect it is linked to one of the user-defined expense deductions but that is just a bit of a guess.

  • I thought this too but I restored a back up and names it "Trial" and tried removing the account from every linked income name and it still did not show up. I have the account budgeted and I tried to clear the budget and it still didn't work. I opened up another company that has a similar set up and the account is able to be used in more than one spot. Thank you for your reply Slight smile