SAGE50 Premium Slow Performance with New i7 PC with SSD & 16GB RAM


I recently upgraded one of my customers from Simply Accounting Pro 2006 to Premium 2017, what was running fast on 2006 is now ultra slow in 2017, sometimes taking close to a minute to create a new customer!

I indexed the database which is quite large and holds over 10 000 customers, we also got ride of historical data from previous years and had a SAGE50 support rep connect and review who could not make suggestions, all he said was this is the most performance you will get with this size database..The computer's hardware is brand new i7 with SSD and 16gb RAM running locally thus at this point i was wondering if there's anything we can do to increase performance or upgrade our 2017 premium to another version that manages databases more efficiently considering the number of customers in the database.

Your help is much appreciated,


  • sometimes taking close to a minute to create a new customer!

    Hi Sarv,

    Part of the key to solving this may be the word 'sometimes'.    Depending on how many workstations are connected, and the settings on each workstation, the server RAM and speed, I can see it taking 10-20 seconds to insert a customer.

    i was wondering if there's anything we can do to increase performance or upgrade our 2017 premium to another version that manages databases more efficiently

    Well, MySQL itself should handle a billion items, even though it's 32 bit.  On a 64 bit workstation, the 32 bit performance on a single processor isn't always impressive, but it should be better than 2006-era XP on a file database.  And WAY more stable.

    Try using it in 'Classic view' vs 'Enhanced View', and with ALL users logged in vs. just 1.   If there is a helpful difference, check the workstation settings under Setup | User Preferences | Options.

    I have:

    OFF  Automatically save changes

    ON Show list buttons

    OFF Automatically refresh lists

    ON Calculate Record Balances...   I know this slows it down, it's a trade-off.

         OFF Automatically refresh records

    OFF Show a list of inventory items...

    OFF Always Apply Allocation to entire...

    Sage 50 appears to load all 'list items' into local workstation RAM, and depending on settings will load / sort / update all those items into the interface. 

    We have over 20,000 inventory items and 15 seconds to insert an item isn't unusual when more than 10 users are logged in, especially if some of them have the user settings to refresh automatically.

    what was running fast on 2006 is now ultra slow in 2017

    The 2006 software was a direct access file database, the 2008 onward software has used MySQL in client-server.  It is hard to believe that (excepting bugs) it could be slower on large lists.

    Since it's also slow running locally, I would think that marking older customer records as 'inactive' may help.  And turning off the refresh settings on all workstations may help, as well.

  • Hi Randy,

    First off thank you for your prompt reply and help!

    SAGE is running locally at all times with no other users connected to it, O/S on new HP computers is 64Bit (SSD & 16GB RAM)..

    I just called SAGE in order to speak to a sales rep, perhaps the quantum edition will be more suitable for our usage..they bounced me around and got nowhere...

  • Hello ,

    Thanks for reaching out! Note that The database capacity in Sage 50 Pro vs Premium vs Quantum is the same. If your database is large, you've tried all suggestions and you're still experiencing lots of lag, then it may be time to migrate to a more powerful software solution. I've brought your post to the attention of the Sage 300 team who should be in touch regarding options and details. They can also be reached directly at 1-800-945-8007 opt 1.

    Warm Regards,

  • Hi Sarv,

    As far as I know, all the Editions run the same code, the license key only masks off some functionality and features. 

    I forgot to mention that you might get some improvement by increasing the size of the memory buffer (open the Connection Manager, there are only a few settings in one window) from the default (56?) to 128 or even 256 MB.  It should speed lookup of list data noticeably. 

    Sage had at one time recommended making the buffer large enough to hold the entire ibdata1 file.  Definitely don't make it much larger than 512 MB, it will probably cause Windows to start clearing swapped RAM.

    And on another tack, While Sage 50 is pretty good at allowing purging while retaining as much lookup functionality as possible, is it absolutely necessary to keep 10,000 customers on file?  (keeping in mind that we can't be certain that's causing slow performance, don't start chucking them yet!)

    The Customer name, address, and I believe the shipping address, invoice number, and invoice comments are searchable in the Invoice Lookup Table even there is no active customer record ( i.e. for 'one-time customers', inactive, or deleted customers.)  

    I've used SQL queries through an ODBC connection to mark old records inactive in Sage 50 on some basis i.e. something like (now() - (max (last purchase date,  last modified date) < 365) 

    That's probably all I can suggest, as far as blind troubleshooting at a distance.  I haven't tried creating a gazillion customers in a new test company to see how it performs, and I haven't seen your company file.  If you would like me to take a no-obligation closer look, we could arrange that. 

    And, as Erzsi has suggested, if there are Sage 300 features that would help your company make / save more money, you may want to go that way.