• Data import export?

    Is it possible to export\import data from Sage50 CA to 3rd party app?

    Like export Vendor once it's created?

  • Timeslip import

    I am trying to import a series of timeslips into Sage50 Canadian Premium Accounting with Payroll 2020 Edition. The following is an example of the text file I created


  • Fiscal Years that Show Up in Program

    We had an issue where an employee closed out 2019 fiscal year before we were done with the end-of-year data. So we restored the info through the backup for 2019 but prior to us doing so the 2 fiscal years showing opened were 2020 - 2021. Once we restored…

  • How to add an item to a particular category through SDK

    I want to add an item to Sage 50 through SDK. In Sage 50 I added some category and I need to add the item to that category through SDK.

    Is there any methods or property present in SDK to do the same?

  • Cheque Forms

    Hi I just upgraded our system to Sage 50 Premium with cloud and added a second office computer.  I am trying to use the same forms that were set up on the initial computer to the second computer.  How do I share them from the first computer?

  • Backup

    Hi everyone, has anyone ever received this message.....

    I've tried to put the backup in several different places and I keep getting this message



  • Could not create cabinet file for accountant copy

    I am new to SAGE CITY. I have been using Sage pro 2012 since 2012. Every year so far, when it was time to create an accountant's copy to send to my accountant, the program produced the CAB file with no problem. Today I was trying to create it and it goes…

  • Migrating from QBO (Quick Books Online) to SAGE 50C Premium

    Hello, I'm starting with SAGE 50C Premium but I'm stuck at how to export existing data from QBO to Sage 50.

    I use the online version and can only create lists in Excel not IIF files. So importing into Sage 50 apparently can only take IIF for Quickbook…

  • Should be able to set simply to backup each exit...

    The tech on the phone today told me setting the "backup daily" option will backup on exit if you go into the file numerous times a day... THIS IS NOT THE CASE. But it should be. 

    Backing up on the first exit each day is hard to track. we have…

  • Transferring Data from Simply Accounting 2008

    We are replacing our Simply Accounting 2008 with Sage 50 2017. How can we transfer the data from SA2008? We tried doing a backup from SA2008 and restoring it in Sage 50 2017, but that doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

  • Import journal entries

    Based on KB10186 9found on this forum) I made a txt file with the following data:

    07-03-15,"338", "Lowland Brewery Inc."

    I tried to import this file into a trial version of Sage50 (standard sample…

  • how avoid ask for item service in the timeslip importing proccess


    I'm trying to import timeslips but always ask the item service match for every employee record, is there a way to avoid this?. 

    Thanks anyway

  • Sage 50 Software

    Hi, I want to be able to work at home....if I purchase Sage 50 Software for my personal laptop will I be able to run my work company on it at home from a backup thumb drive?

  • Please Help - Importing Historical Data from Excel?


    We have just begun using Sage and we are going to be closing out month here and Importing all open historical information so that starting April 1st we will be current. The idea is to run sage side by side with our current software for the rest…

  • Finding Sales & Purchase History

    New to Sage 50 Premium. Was using Business Vision. How do I find an order we sold to a client without an invoice #? How do I look up sales history for a particular part?

  • sales invoices


    I am wondering how to access my sales invoices for previous years, when I go to "find invoices" it just lets me search from January 2015.



  • I can not find my data or company file...even the back ups have disappeared....

    I used Sage50 Pro. I have 2013 data entered and backed up many times. I have 1/2 my 2014 entered (yes this is behind for 2015 lol), which I closed and did a back up at 8:30 am.

    At 9:00 am, I opened a 2012 file to print some reports. When I closed, I did…