• How to set up an email in Sage 50 Premier Accounting

    I have had sage set up to send emails to customers. But we are changing our email. So I am wondering if anyone can help me with how to set this up. I went into setting --- information and put in my new email but when I hit send noting to happen it just…

  • Convert one time customer to Full

    Hi, just wondering if I can change a one-time customer into full customer - so their complete history shows, as of now it is missing the first one I did as OTC by mistake

  • cogs not showing up under linked accounts in inventory

    I'm adding inventory and under the cogs linked account, it doesn't show cogs in the drop down list. 

    I know the account has been created. 

    can anyone help?

  • Starting a new year in Sage Accounting

    We currently save a new copy of our Sage 50 databases and then role into the new year. Is there a way to do this in Sage Accounting (formerly known as Sage One)?

  • How do I set-up a non-profit with Sage 50 Premium 2020?

    We are using Sage 50 Premium 2020 and we can't seem to find anywhere how to set it up for a non-profit (registered charity). The few answers I find are years old or don't have the information that we need. I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue after…

  • How do I change the defaul GST from 7% to 5%?

    A real simple question for anyone out there: How do I change the default GST code from 7% to 5%?

  • Current Equity when using Departments

     I can't seem to unlink the current equity account and it lumps all the departments into one account (a linked account) -- can this be changed?  not sure what this is for?  

  • Accountant edition access Premiere

    Can Accountant edition access Premiere of a client

  • Change year end date

    Husband started limited business in 2017.  I chose Dec 22 as start date in settings but it should have been Dec 31.  I only had one transaction between December 22-30 which I voided and entered into December 31.  In settings, it allowed me to change the…

  • Webmail Setup

    I am trying to setup me email so it uses web mail rather than Outlook or Thunderbird.  I have multiple email accounts setup in my Thunderbird (all for different companies) and it keeps emailing from the wrong account even after I change the default account…

  • Inventory Layout


    I am completely new to Sage and bookkeeping and am receiving help setting up my inventory list in my Chart of Accounts.  Could anyone help me understand the difference between the Group Account vs the Sub-group account? 

    1520 is listed as Rocker Plates…

  • more than one line item on an other purchase invoice?

    How do you get more than one line item on an other purchase invoice and printed cheque?

  • multiple lines to print on a sales invoice

    How do I get multiple lines to print on a sales invoice say for non inventory services items?



    Just now bought SAGE 50-Premium 2014-Canada with two user license,  for the requirement of multi-locations.

    Would anyone guide me how  to connect these two locations and if we can work simultaneously from these two different locations.

    Also they have sent…

  • cheque numbering

    How do I set up automated Vendor Cheque numbers when paying? And would this be the same for the Customer Receipt number for receiving a payment.

    Many thanks and Regards,


  • Transferring Data into new Incorporate from Properitorship

    How do I transfer date from proprietor to corporation. Do I have to key in all data such as chart of accounts, vendors, customers, employees etc. Is ther an easy way to copy these information to new created company. I appreciate if someone can walk me…

  • Foreign Currency


    I'm currently using Sage 50 Premium Accounting edition and I ran into an issue with the Foreign Currency setting. I have searched the database and none of the answers provided on previous posts resolved my issue.

    Before I start my post, I want…

  • Changing from sole proprietor to partnership

    My husband was a sole proprietor until last month when we switched to a general partnership under a new company name. He is a contractor and still has payments being received under his old company name due to holdbacks which will require us to use the…

  • Entering adjusting journal entries

    I am entering ADJ entries from our accountant  using general journal entry, I am unable to post to accounts payable .  I have this account set up in my chart of accounts, however the number is grey.

  • Paper copies of Packing Slips - Too much paper!

    We might be a little outdated with how we process orders but we print a copy of the Sales Invoice and a copy of the Packing Slip. We do most of our own deliveries so we ask the receivers to sign a copy of the Packing Slip. Our driver dumps all the days…

  • Need help correcting chart of accounts set up by others

    New to Sage 50 and learning - need some help to correct chart of accounts for company I started to work for.   Accounts in 2000 range are set up as Liability with no sub-groups or totals.  Previous entries for company were only being done by journal entries…

  • Can we set defaults to capital letters?

    Can we set data entry to default to capital letters? It is annoying going through invoices and having some with capital letters and some without, especially when dealing with hundreds of invoices in the same vendor account. It makes it hard to tell if any…

  • Training for a new user

    Hi, I'm a new user to SAGE 50. I am using it for my General Contracting (construction) business. Does anybody know if I can get training on how the system can work for me? Can I hire somebody to go thru the system with me to teach me how it can be optimized…

  • new company setup

    Good morning from Vancouver Island

    I am somewhat familiar with sage 50 - I've worked with the daily posting and reporting etc for a few years.  I did not set up this company. I have recently taken a online sage 50 Course at Fleming College.

    Now, I…

  • SDK Link for 2015.1 is broken

    I'm trying to download the Sage 50 Canadian edition SDK but specifically the version 2015.1.

    However, when I click on that link, it is broken. Can someone fix it please?