How do I set-up a non-profit with Sage 50 Premium 2020?

We are using Sage 50 Premium 2020 and we can't seem to find anywhere how to set it up for a non-profit (registered charity). The few answers I find are years old or don't have the information that we need. I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue after the trial period is up if I can’t figure this out.

In particular, we need to be able to:
Print year-end tax receipts for donors
Track HST and GST paid
Create fund accounts

Thanks for any help you can offer! I apologize if the answer is somewhere obvious and I missed it.

  • I waited 24 hours before posting my question above because I wanted to finish watching the videos and finding whatever answers I could elsewhere. Finally, I decided to just ask the community.  Then, 30 minutes later, I started figuring some of it out after I decided that I should just jump in.  I had created a dummy company and am playing around with the software. Wish I had done that before instead of watching all those videos and reading getting started articles!

    Unfortunately I can't delete my question, but since others might have the same question I thought I would just post solutions as I find them. (There should be a how-to somewhere for this and if it exists it should be easier to find.)

    Set-up: When you create your new company there will be a set of drop-down menus and that's where you set-up your company as a non-profit. You won't see this option until you choose ownership type. I chose incorporated because I didn't know what else to click.  Then under Company Type you can choose non-profit. This will take care of a lot.

    Creating funds: Once you are set-up as a non-profit you'll see this option in the panel.

    That's all I've discovered so far.  Hope this helps somebody.

  • Hi ,
    Thanks for your post and suggestion to create more content surrounding non-profit company database setup in Sage 50 CA. Will look at creating more resources in the near future.

    Also see our blog on the Top 3 items to do when setting up a new company

    Here's another resource that might also be useful in your setup:

    Non-Profit Sales Tax Setup


    Warm Regards,

  • Thanks Erzsi!

    The tax codes article is helpful, or at least I'm am sure it will be once I understand it. I did find that through searching and had already printed it. I wasn't sure the extent to which it applied, but since you mention it as well, I'll work on it.

    Unfortunately, the links to the videos on the blog are busted.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Also, in trying to reply,  think I accidentally reported your reply as abusive. Oops! I don't know how to fix that.

  • No worries, will update and replace the broken videos asap.

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