Sage 50 cannot communicate with your e-mail program. Please ensure that your e-mail program is MAPI-compatible and that it is the default MAPI client

Is anyone else having difficulty getting email to work from Sage 50, with Office 2010 or 2013?

We have tried to resolve this, to paraphrase and make a very long story short:

Sage says that Sage 50 "The 'click-to-run' version of Outlook is NOT supported by Sage."  ** NOTE ** Sage not supporting it doesn't mean it won't ever work, but if it doesn't, they don't feel obligated to help.   I've had the 32 bit click-to-run Outlook work on three workstations, 2 of which were 64 bit OS.  I've had it not work on two workstations, and haven't been able to find the missing / extra / wrong DLL or Registry entry that's different.

Microsoft says that " 'Click-to-run' is how we're delivering Microsoft Office now."  Installation other than click-to-run usually requires a Microsoft Volume License.

There's easily 50 thousand words of techno-speak from Microsoft about the new way and how it works and why it's better.   No doubt that's true for some, but it's not true for me! 

Microsoft also more or less hints that if third-party programs are properly designed, they will work with all versions of Outlook back to 2002, including the new click-to-run.  If they are not, they will be unable to 'see' that MAPI is available, since it's inside the 'click-to-run' virtual machine bubble.

I'm more about fixing computers than fixing blame.  Sage's response to this issue reads like an unproductive "we didn't break it, not our problem".  Maybe it's time for Sage to just 'man up' and deal with this. 

  • Unfortunately, MAPI32 corruption turns out to be very common. MAPI comes built into the Windows operating system. Outlook installations can corrupt the dll associations in your PC and this is why many 3rd party application support will not touch it. Even with Sage 50 not ever installed, trying to install Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail. (alternative to Outlook) as the default mail client is unsuccessful. Microsoft should really get their act together on this. I suggest you have an IT person follow or take your PC into a Geek Squad, or other. After this is fixed, create a Windows restore point in case the issue were to ever happen again, you can revert back to the old fixed settings.

  • According to Microsoft MVP, MAPI32 'corruption' almost never happens, unless you count it being swapped out by other Email programs.

    After much troubleshooting, I have found that if the key is not under here on 64 bit Windows:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem]

    If that key isn't found (on Win7, 64 bit), then Sage 50 will not even attempt to load MAPI32.DLL. 

    In fact, you can confirm if this failure to load MAPI32.DLL is the problem, by looking at Help | About Sage 50...   | clicking the Support Info button, and sorting the list of DLLS.

    I was able to find this by running ProcMon on two very similar Win7 64 bit systems (one working, one not) and staring at the output for three days.  If you've never seen the incredible amount of output from PROCMON, then you're missing out.  I would SO like to able to bill Sage for my time to find that little treasure.

    There have been many posts regarding "the MAPI problem" in these forums, that's perhaps like calling every accounting issue a 'GL problem'.   MAPI is fiendishly complex, and has changed a great deal over years.

    The above fix is relevant only to some workstations with a specific issue, running 32 bit email from 32 bit applications, under 64 bit operating systems. 

    For problems with MAPI on 32 bit systems, the following registry key could be missing, or the error message is correct, and MAPI is actually not installed, or not the default Email client.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem]