how to update "Latest Transaction" in Current Year Dates - it didn't automatically update

I started a new fiscal year (January 1 to December 31, 2021) but am not able to post anything in the new year.  The "Current Year" shows as 2021 and when I check Settings, Company, Information, the Fiscal start and end dates are correct and the earliest transaction date is January 1, 2021. The problem is that the "Latest Transaction" date is shown as December 31, 2020 - it didn't automatically update to December 31, 2021.  The Latest Transaction date cannot be manually changed, and I cannot figure out how to change or get around this date. 

When I try to post anything in 2021, before posting, the Journal Entry number shows as a number that continues from the last fiscal year, and then when I push the "post" button, the transaction will not post.  I get the error message "Invalid date. The date must be between 01/01/20 and 31/12/20."  

If anyone can help me with this problem, I would appreciate it.

Many thanks!


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