Simply Quantum crashing when opening pending sales order - Started after installing 2017.2

Only 2 of our 5 users are having this problem.  When they go to sales orders or pending sales orders simply crashes.  It is happening intermittently.  It is not happening on the sample company.   The simply techs have not been able to figure it out.

My tech guy tells me that he has 2 other companies that are going through the same thing.

We never had any problems before.  This started when we installed 2017.2



  • Have you tried remove those 2 user from Sage 50, and create a new user login for them?  Have you try make a local copy on those 2 user's computer and run it see if they experience the same issue if data is local? 

  • Hello,


    My tech guy suggested that, so I will try to create another user for both  to see if that works.


    The tech person at Simply put a local simply on the desk top for the one computer who crashes continuously ( Domenic)  But really he is very busy and how can he sit there and spend time on it when he has continuous work to do.


    Amanda received 9 messages today while working but her simply did not crash. Some of them are attached.


    Dom's message said A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and toifty you if a solution is available.


    I will try the new users tomorrow to see what happens.