Enter Opening Balances by Department

How do I enter opening balances by department?  When I enter my opening balances via the SetUp guide it does not have any department option.

Using Sage 50C Premium 2021 version.

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  • After you have completed what Alwyn suggested, you will then have to create general journal entries to move the Opening Balance from the Non-Departmental G/L account to the Departments.

    eg. Opening balance of account 4200 is $10,000 and you have two departments

    Dr 4200 $7000

    Cr 4200-1000  $4500

    Cr 4200-2000  $2500

    or if you prefer

    Dr 4200 $4500

    Dr 4200 $2500

    Cr 4200-1000  $4500

    Cr 4200-2000  $2500

    This will leave $3000 in the account balance not assigned to departments.

  • Thanks a lot Richard.  This is very helpful.

    Another question, I need to break out our A/P g/l by departments also, but found that when entering vendor bills through the A/P module-create a bill, it can only default to the A/P g/l account that is linked, therefore the credit side of the transaction can only be credited to one g/l account and department and not to multiple departments.  Is there anything I am missing here? So that I can have the credit amount charged to multiple departments of A/P?

  • To be blunt, this part of the program does not work well.

    You can assign amounts to A/P-dept but only one per vendor (while line items can still be sent to different depts per line).  On each vendor ledger you will see on the Address tab a default department drop down list.  You can specify the Dept here.

    However, be careful.  If you set it to a dept, post an invoice to put money in the A/P-Dept account, then change the department on the vendor ledger and pay that invoice, it will take the money out of the new account I believe.

    Multiple A/P - Depts per invoice requires multiple invoices to be entered after changing the department on the vendor ledger for the one invoice and good luck figuring out how to handle the payments.


    Multiple A/P - Depts per invoice requires multiple vendors whose depts never change.

    At least, I haven't found a way around this.  Do you know a way Alwyn?

  • Richard, I agree fully that this part of the program does not work well. However, I have never tried to used a departmentalized A/P. When it comes to A/P all payments should be coming from the one bank account and the expenses would be allocated to departments, either full invoice or line by line for various departments. Only once was I asked about splitting the A/P and I talked them out of it as it did not add anything important to projects. Most projects are for allocating the Revenue and Expense only and rarely does anyone want to split the Balance Sheet accounts by Department. Sorry, no further help from here.   

  • Sorry, no further help from here.

    With all due respect, I disagree.  That was helpful and confirmed that I was not missing anything.

    The Income Statement departmental reporting is pretty decent but the departmental reporting on a balance sheet basis is lacking a lot of .... proper handling and reporting.  I've never known a need for it other than for different companies part of the same conglomerate of companies so separate company files and consolidation were the answer there.


  • Thanks so much for the input.

  • Thanks for the help it definitely confirms what I was assuming about the balance sheet and departments!

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