• Microsoft.Net framework error caused by Sage Exchange


    I've recently had a Microsoft.Net Framework error that started showing up about 2 months ago. I wasn't sure what was causing it, until I tried to process a credit card in Sage 50 and my program informed me that : Sage 50 is unable to process your…

  • has anyone had any issues since the recent July 2021 update when creating a new inventory item, the item won't save?

    when trying to make a new inventory item, once all the fields are complete, the item just won't save.

  • Sage 50 2019 version installation


    Can some one help me with 2019 sage 50 installation on windows please


  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Sage 50 Canadian 2018

    We moved recently and since then have been getting an error msge of Key File Missing and are unable to open Simply.  Having spent AGES trying to find the answer online, it appears the best solution is to uninstall it and reinstall it.  That would be easy…

  • Office 365 Unable to access due to my email address

    I upgraded to Sage 50 Accounting with Office 365.  I am unable to access the Office 365 due to my email address.  I spoke with the helpdesk and they said my ISP is blocking them.  They want me to open a gmail account.  Is anyone else having this problem?  I…

  • Sage 50 CA installation on cloud server

    Hello Team,

    I recently migrated our Sage 50 CA from the local server to the ServerCloud (PasS). On the same cloud server, Sage 50 CA is integrated with the DispatchMate application meant for logistics management. From DispatchMate invoices are exported…

  • sage 50 quantum v2019.1-2019.4 performance with Windows 10 updates 20h2


    i'm not a Sage user but i'm helping my client with a sage issue

    she is running Sage 50 quantum v2019.1

    PC is a i5 7500, 8GB on a dell WS + mirrored HDD drives. Win10Pro v1809

    Sage is ran locally on this PC, which she RDPs to from her mail PC…

  • Sage50 - "select an existing company" Setup Step

    I'm at the step in the installation process where is asks me to select and existing company, then follow the steps. I got to the final step where I had to click on START.SAI and then my computer got an error notification that said "Cannot open company…

  • bank feed CIBC

    I love using the bank feed but my account says it is up to date but the last time it downloaded was Dec 22 and it's Jan 7. Would this be the banks issue or Sage?

  • Re-Install, Activation and Registration of Sage 50 Premium 2017

    We purchased Sage 50 Premium 2017 back on November 4th 2016. It was licensed to our company. I have the serial number, the account ID, the key code and the invoice from Sage giving us the download link, etc. We were allowed to have it on 2 computers so…

  • How long should you be expected to hold for support?

    I've been on hold for support for over 4 hours this afternoon and am now holding for a third support person.  This is unacceptable!  If support is experiencing higher than normal call volumes everyday, then the volume is actually normal and they should…

  • Installing Sage50 on a shared server.


    I've been unbale to locate an answer to this question. Is it possible to install Sage50 on a shared server. In this case I would like to install it on a virtual sever already running Active Directory.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Sage Drive 50 CAD

    I had access to a clients data via Sage Drive.  I try to connect now and I get an error of Sage Drive Download has failed.  Try again later.

    Please help

    Thank you

    Isabelle Parker

  • Error

    Hey there. I am receiving this file when I try to open my company. Prior to this I kept getting an error message (something to do with payroll?) when I tried to start a new fiscal year. I did a database integrity check and it said there was a file that…

  • Sage 50 Canadian 2020.2 update. Unable to share company data

    This update is a nightmare, as is Sage 50 Platinum support. I have companies that I had to restore the data on the desktop and cannot reshare.  I have been on hold with support numerous times and was cut off 4 times today without being able to speak with…

  • I cannot open SA 50 after upgrade 2020.2

    I cannot open SA 50 after upgrade. Please help.

  • Sage asking for login

    I updated our Sage 50 Pro Accounting from 2020.1 to 2020.2 and now it is asking for a user name and password.  I dont know about this I have tried "sysadmin" and the sage ID login but it does not work.  I called but no response.  I chatted with…

  • How to set Sage 50 2020.1 to be the default application to open Sage 50 files?


    My workstation has already 2020.1 version installed. I have an old files that needed for conversion so I installed version 2015 which was succesful.

    However, whenever I open my Sage files (latest version), it uses version 2015 and obviously it can…

  • unable to open company

    getting unable to open the company file(s) message on all my accounts. When trying to open in 2020.1. Backed up and retried and restored from back up and still crashes with each file at 26/45. Files can still load just fine in 2019 versions of Sage50…

  • Software problem

    I have Sage 50 2020 CA Prem. The software stopped working properly in February 2020.

    I can’t adjust any journals. If I try the program closes or just do nothing.

    I have reinstall Sage to try and fix the problem

  • Download Software

    I just purchased Premium 2020 from Staples and received my product key (no serial #) and a link to download the software.  However, the download is simply the accompanying documentation and not the software.  I contacted Staples and they say it is a Sage…

  • Caution when upgrading Computer to Win 10 - Rip off is alive and well in this Company.

    We upgraded our computers to Win 10 and reinstalled Sage 50 Canada Pro 2019 so that we could work on this year's books. We have been customers for over 37 years.

    Our backup file would not open and there was no information available that there was…

  • Sage 50 Activation

    I have sage 50 CA installed on my computer.  My bookkeeper wen to log-in and a pop-up screen for Product Activation came up.  It was asking us to enter the Company Name, Account ID and Key Code again.  When we entered the information, an error message came…

  • Troubleshooting New Installation of Sage 50 Canadian Vewrsion 2020

    Our not for profit recently purchased Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2020 for Two Users. It was installed on our Administrative Assistants PC that had used the student version for many years prior and does the accounting for the Society. She sent the installation…

  • Quantum is $3700 CDN but we can't get assistance from Level 2 for 2 days now

    Quantum members get the same level of service that a Pro user does.       

    Company accounting is down.... 4 level 1's have tried to assist but all say it needs to go to level 2.

    #1   Tried to call several times and have stayed on hold for hours....... no…