• Sage 50 2019 version installation


    Can some one help me with 2019 sage 50 installation on windows please


  • LTD Benefits paid 100% by employee

    Looking to find information on the correct posting for LTD Benefits 100% paid by employee.

    The LTD payment by employee is being posted to LTD Payable account 2000 through the Payable module

    The LTD payment made to the insurance company is being paid in…

  • Conversion and integration

    I am converting our facility management and POS system.  For reporting purposes the accounting system was separated into 2 distinct GLs.  For the new system I need a single set of GL numbers.  We are in the first Q of our fiscal year and I would prefer to…

  • Sage 50 CA installation on cloud server

    Hello Team,

    I recently migrated our Sage 50 CA from the local server to the ServerCloud (PasS). On the same cloud server, Sage 50 CA is integrated with the DispatchMate application meant for logistics management. From DispatchMate invoices are exported…

  • How can I reset a password for an updated company?

    So this company was updated and I was not prompted to create a password or username. Now I am trying to open said company and it is requiring a password and username. Is there anyway I can get into it without these credentials, or can I reset the password…

  • Sage50 - "select an existing company" Setup Step

    I'm at the step in the installation process where is asks me to select and existing company, then follow the steps. I got to the final step where I had to click on START.SAI and then my computer got an error notification that said "Cannot open company…

  • bank feed CIBC

    I love using the bank feed but my account says it is up to date but the last time it downloaded was Dec 22 and it's Jan 7. Would this be the banks issue or Sage?

  • Annual subscription plan for Sage 50cloud Accounting

    Received first renewal, do users recommend to continue with the subscription? Are the benefits worth the expense? 

  • Sage 50 CA Server Connection Manager will not Update (2021.0)


    We got a notification on Friday (Nov 20) about a new update to our Sage 50 software, and proceeded to update our computers with the new update. This morning (Nov 23) we went to update the connection manager on our server machine, but there is…

  • When should I upgrade 2020.2 to 2021.0?

    So one of my users reported to me that she's getting the "new updates available" message - and I checked and apparently it is the 2021.0 new version.

    First - anyone have a working link that shows what is in the update?  Every time I try to…

  • Converting from Sage 50 CA to Sage 50 US

    Has anyone switched from Sage 50 CA to Sage 50 US?

  • sage 50 premium accounting 2019.2


    i have sage 50 premium 2019.0 and im trying to update it to 2019.2 but it tells me that i need to download sage 50 on the computer first before upgrading, which i already have sage 50 on the computer. what do i do for it to work?

  • Unable to update 2017 file into 2021.

    I have a company file that was worked on by Sage in 2017 and I have not been able to update into the new programs. As a work around I have been using it in 2017 version, however I have upgraded my computer and no longer have the 2017 so I need it fixed…

  • Direct deposit File Error

    I sent a "test" direct deposit file to be uploaded to the CAFT system we use for payments. 

    The file came back with 4 errors. I'm not sure what they are or how to fix them.

    Where do I start?



    Please ask Client to update the following…

  • Tried to download Sage 2020 software but the last step does not work

    Hello.  I tried to download Sage 2020 software but the last step does not work it gives me this message( This product is not installed correctly.  One of the program files is missing.  Reinstall Sage 50) can you help please.  Thank you

  • Download link for Sage 50 2015? Need to convert 2011 backup.

    I need to convert a backup from the 2011 version of Sage to the 2020 version and apparently I have to have the 2015 version installed on my computer to do so. 

    Does anyone have a link to download even a trial version of 2015.

    By the way, I asked this question…

  • Sage Drive 50 CAD

    I had access to a clients data via Sage Drive.  I try to connect now and I get an error of Sage Drive Download has failed.  Try again later.

    Please help

    Thank you

    Isabelle Parker

  • I cannot open SA 50 after upgrade 2020.2

    I cannot open SA 50 after upgrade. Please help.

  • Sage 50 CA on Windows 7 - Support

    I just ran the 2020.2 update, luckily I don't seem to have run into any of the issues others are having (well, at least I converted and opened my database file without problems - will be up to our bookkeeper to tell me if she runs into issues after that…

  • Problems with converting after 2020.2 update


    I installed the 2020.2 update and converted 2 company files without issue. The 3rd one will not open, however. I had it open right before updating. When I try to open it, I am prompted to convert the file, then an error message pops up saying Sage…

  • Sage 50 CA list of querries...


    We have installed sage 50 CA 2019 edition in Indonesia. We have some series of questions which needs a clarification

    1) Does SAGE 50 CA support business intelligence report.? is this available outside Canada??

    2) Does SAGE 50 CA support add-on services…

  • Need a copy of the Sage 50 Pro 2012 software to download please

    My previous laptop crashed, and I bought a new one which does not have a CD drive, so I am unable to install Sage.

    Does anyone have a copy of the Sage Pro 2012 for me to download please so that i can install my product key? Thanks!

  • Caution when upgrading Computer to Win 10 - Rip off is alive and well in this Company.

    We upgraded our computers to Win 10 and reinstalled Sage 50 Canada Pro 2019 so that we could work on this year's books. We have been customers for over 37 years.

    Our backup file would not open and there was no information available that there was…

  • Quantum is $3700 CDN but we can't get assistance from Level 2 for 2 days now

    Quantum members get the same level of service that a Pro user does.       

    Company accounting is down.... 4 level 1's have tried to assist but all say it needs to go to level 2.

    #1   Tried to call several times and have stayed on hold for hours....... no…

  • problem sage drive with 2020.1

    i cant connect to my sage drive with the 2020.1

    it can not convert the 2020.0 to 2020.1

    im able to open my backup that was 2020.0 with the 2020.1 version

    i absolutely need to have sage drive cause we are workin with 3 computers

    thank you