• Reinstall Sage 50 Pro 2020 (not a subscription)

    I am trying to reinstall Sage 50 Pro 2020.  Not a subsciption...I purchased the product.  I have the original email with the download link, but when I click the link, it takes me to sage knowledge base page and says "there has been an error".

  • How to install the latest edition of Sage, with the cloud, to my laptop.

    I will be traveling, and need to have my sage with me.  I am not technical at all, please make this simple.  Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians.

    I have purchased the Sage program with the cloud, and now need to install on my lap top..  When I try to download…

  • Sage50 2017 Download link

    I need to reinstall my software and need a new link

    Thank you

  • Sage 50 Pro 2018 or 2019 Reinstallation

    I needed to reset my computer and thus re-install my Sage 50 Pro. I had the 2018 version and support to end of 2018. 

    I have the original installation file which installed 2018.1 however it appears my company file was used by a later version - presumably…

  • Sage 50 2019 version installation


    Can some one help me with 2019 sage 50 installation on windows please


  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Sage 50 Canadian 2018

    We moved recently and since then have been getting an error msge of Key File Missing and are unable to open Simply.  Having spent AGES trying to find the answer online, it appears the best solution is to uninstall it and reinstall it.  That would be easy…

  • Installation of 2 Sage Programs

    Hello Sage Friends,

    I have Sage 50 Pro installed on my computer but need to also install Sage for Students as I am taking a Sage course.  Am I able to have 2 Sage programs installed on one computer? 

    Your help is appreciated.


  • error 1603 - completely stuck on install

    Hi all,

    I deeply tried most posts re install error 1603 - no. go. I can't install SAGE CA 2021 on a new computer. HELP !

    I get these errors:

    SAGE 50 Accounting Erreur
    Une errur s'est produit durant l'installation de la composante…

  • Downloading on new computer

    Where do I get the information i need to download my simply accounting program on my new computer

  • need keycode

    Hello, I had to replace a pc that had Sage on it and when I reinstalled sage I entered the Account ID and Serial number, however it is asking for a Key code and I am not sure what that is. Is there a way I can find out what the Key code is?

    thank you…

  • 2018 Sage Premium Install File

    Does anyone have the 2018 Sage Premium install .exe  file they could give me? I have both my Serial Number and Activation Key Code but Sage no longer keeps any program files before the year 2020. I need to reload my program as I have upgraded my computer…

  • sage 50

    I recently purchased sage 50 Cdn  and received the download version.    I installed it and it worked perfectly.  I let a relative play around on my new laptop.   A few days later I had work to do using the sage 50 .   When I clicked to open the program  , the SAGE…

  • Install, Activation and Registration of Sage 50 Premium 2017

    my hard drive crashed so i do not have access to the simply files, would any one be able to provide me with simply 2017 download - i have my key etc..


  • sage 50 2020 installation

    Hello, I downloaded the sage 50 2020 as per the instructions of our professor. I successfully downloaded it but I can not open it, instead a window showing where it was installed opens up. What might be the problem and I hope you can fix this problem…

  • Sage 50

    Hi there,

    I recently uploaded Sage 50 2021 version on a new computer, the files that I have saved are from 2018 version, what do I need to be able to open the files in the 2021 version?

  • 2021 Upgrade

    I have installed the 2015 connector on the server and installed 2015 application on a workstation and am currently converting the data from 2012 to 2015.  I will repeat the process with 2021 on the server and workstation.  Once this is complete, is it necessary…

  • How long should you be expected to hold for support?

    I've been on hold for support for over 4 hours this afternoon and am now holding for a third support person.  This is unacceptable!  If support is experiencing higher than normal call volumes everyday, then the volume is actually normal and they should…

  • Sage 50 CA PRemium 2021 DL

    Have upgraded to Sage 50 CA PRemium 2021 DL from 2018, which ran perfectly until the computer melted down and I have to upgrade, did so, $, download and installation went normally but I can only run as administrator. I was able to restore one company…

  • how to install on new laptop

    My old laptop died unexpectedly.  I need to put sage 2019 on my new laptop.  How do I do this?  When I log onto sage, i don't have an activation code or registration listed, but am paying for the product.

  • installation

    I have a new laptop to install Sage50.  My old one is dying which has the software on it.  How do Install the software...don't see anywhere on sage website.


  • How do I get the current updated version

    New server computer install of 2020.0 but files are saved in a new version and unable to open.  I don't see a newer version in our files. Need updates to 2020.0

  • Tried to download Sage 2020 software but the last step does not work

    Hello.  I tried to download Sage 2020 software but the last step does not work it gives me this message( This product is not installed correctly.  One of the program files is missing.  Reinstall Sage 50) can you help please.  Thank you

  • How to move datebase from server to local computer?

    Our database is stored on the server, and there is  "connction manager" on the server. However, we are changing new computer, and want to move data to a new computer(local) and not use server any more. Can I just copy the company's file from server to…

  • Download link for Sage 50 2015? Need to convert 2011 backup.

    I need to convert a backup from the 2011 version of Sage to the 2020 version and apparently I have to have the 2015 version installed on my computer to do so. 

    Does anyone have a link to download even a trial version of 2015.

    By the way, I asked this question…

  • Installing Sage 50 CA Pro 2016

    I purchased this product online in 2016 but never activated my User License.  I then tried to activate it last year but was told by SAGE that I need a disk to activate my software which they could/would not supply to me.  Can anyone with a 2016 disk help…