• backup file size doubling


    I recently update my accounting 50 2019 version. I found when I backup my company at closing , the size of the cabinet file is doubling, but I only entered 80 entries. I am wondering if it will doubling forever..... . Please help me to find out what…

  • SAGE - migration from windows server 2008 to windows server 2016

    Hello Community

    I have to upgrade my server from 2008 windows R2 server  to Windows 2016. There is no migration so I have to reinstall the OS.

    Sage simple accounting 2020 is currently running on the 2008 server and some PCs are connecting as clients (W10…

  • Caution when upgrading Computer to Win 10 - Rip off is alive and well in this Company.

    We upgraded our computers to Win 10 and reinstalled Sage 50 Canada Pro 2019 so that we could work on this year's books. We have been customers for over 37 years.

    Our backup file would not open and there was no information available that there was…

  • Data updated to a new file format and is not compatible with this version of the software

    I am trying to open a file of a new company I am taking on.  I keep getting this error message:

    "Data updated to a new file format and is not compatible with this version of the software"

    I looked at my properties I have version 2014.3   

    If I…

  • Backing Up Within A Multi-Mode Environment

    Ok so my multi-user environment ended up being really simple to push out however there have been a few glitches. One being within Payroll, where our page setting had switched from Pre Printed, which with 2 sets of eyes we figured out. Today one of the…

  • Error when opening Sage Pro 2012 Database in Sage 50 Pro 2015

    I just installed Sage 50 2015 Pro.  Until now I have been using Sage 2012 Pro.  I'm having problems using my existing company file in the new version:

    It seems that Sage 50 2015 Pro is having problems connecting to the 2012 Pro version's company file…

  • Best Location for First Back UP away from SAJ Folder



    In searching this site I have read a number of post on back ups but it seems that my query is not covered.

    I don't have access to my old laptop and I am trying to remember the location of my regular backups.

    I know that I should Not backup to…

  • RE: Sage 50 Pro install in Parallels on MacBook Pro - can't find backup file


    I don't have a Mac, but this might work for you as a work-around:

    Extract the Sage 50 backup (CAB) file with a data archive tool.  It's very similar to a "zip" file in how you can save and extract files from it.  The important thing…

  • Simply Accounting 2008 - restore data - please help !!

    Please help.  My desktop died - motherboard fried. 

    All my S/A data is on an external drive. 

    I have purchased a new computer. 

    I have re-installed S/A onto my new computer.  I need to restore my company data onto S/A 2008. 

    I need help to do this. 

    I do not…

  • Opening a New Company from a backup

    I have just taken over a set of books and all they were able to provide is a backup in an older version of Sage 50. How do I extract the data into a new company? I' running the latest version of Sage 50.

  • Opening Premium 2012

    The last time I tried to open Simply Accounting Premium 2012 CAN ed. I by accidently clicked the option that doesnt open the last business used. So now when I go to open the program it opens the brower box for me to select. However when I selected this…

  • RE: Restoring a backup

    Hi T.O.,

    If you screen gets cut off, it is related to your DPI and resolution setup in your computer.

    You can go to Control Panel, Display. 

    Please make sure your text (DPI) is set to 100%.

    if the size of the text is too small, you can adjust screen resolution…