Error when opening Sage Pro 2012 Database in Sage 50 Pro 2015

I just installed Sage 50 2015 Pro.  Until now I have been using Sage 2012 Pro.  I'm having problems using my existing company file in the new version:

It seems that Sage 50 2015 Pro is having problems connecting to the 2012 Pro version's company file database.  I receive an error "Can't connect to a company database" when trying to open the SAI file in 2015 Pro.

So I then tried restoring the latest 2012 Pro backup file in Sage 50 Pro 2015 (carefully using a different company file location so it wouldn't overwrite the existing 2012 files).  In doing so I receive the following error message:

"Cannot open company file <file location>.  There is an error connecting to a database"

Any suggestions?

  • Can you still open the file in SA 2012?

    Where is your data file located? If the *.sai file is on your computer, then make sure the Connection Manager is actually running. You can find it on the programs list or in the systray.

    If the *.sai file is on another computer, did you install the Connection Manager on that other computer? If not, it is still running the older 2012 version which is based on a different database and commands. You need to install the server components on the other computer in this case.
  • Yes, I can still open the SAI file in Simply 2012 Pro. I did notice that upon opening the SAI file in 2012, and then opening the "Connection Manager" from within 2012 interface, it actually opens the Sage 50 Connection Manager.

    The company data (i.e. the <company>.SAJ directory) is located on the C: drive, actually in the same directory as the SAI file.

    The Sage 50 Connection Manager is installed and running on this machine. It's status is running. As mentioned above, opening Connection Manager from with 2012 Pro, actually opens the new version of the Connection Manager now.

    Thoughts? Any other suggestions?
  • *.sai and *.saj have to be in the same directory. If not the program cannot connect to the data. If your file is located in your My Documents folder, then create a new directory like c:\Sage50Data and put your 2012 file in there before you try to upgrade it.

    You should get the 2015 Connection Manager even when you access it from SA2012 because there can only be one on the computer, the latest one installed.

    It's possible there is something with Win10 that is conflicting with the 2015 conversion utility so I would check the Knowledgebase to see if there are any articles on it. I know 2016 was classed as Win10 compatible but I don't know if 2015 was fully tested.
  • This issue actually turned out to be a conflict with a pre-existing version of mySQL. I had to uninstall Sage, uninstall all mySQL programs/utilities and then reboot, and finally reinstall Sage 50, and then anyadditional mySQL utilities that I had uninstalled previously.