Upgrade from Sage 2013 to 2021

Hi. I’m new to the forum.

We recently installed 2021 Sage 50. Opened our saved files done with 2013 version of Sage 50. It says we need a 2014 or 2015 version. Is there a work around?


  • Sorry, the only other way to upgrade is to have a consultant or your accountant convert your file for you.

    There is a Knowledgebase article with the download link to the 2015 version.  Download and install it (Trial Version is ok to use), then run that on your file (making sure you have a proper backup of the file first).  Once the file is converted to the 2015 version, you can use the 2021 version to open the file and upgrade directly to it.

  • Richard 

    Thank you for stellar advice and knowledgebase article.  With some minor hiccups of my own doing (down loaded premium and needed pro..had to delete and download again) the 2015 download transferred our 2013 data to 2021.

    My primary reason for upgrading was my accountant was having trouble downloading our 2013 files.

    Again...thanks. Cheers

  • Chances are the accountant didn't have the 2015 version to upgrade the file.  Bad forethought but most accounting firms only keep the last few versions installed.  Consultants usually upgrade client's files to the accountant's current versions before submitting them because we keep the proper versions around to make it work.  I have several clients still on older versions.