Upgrade Simply Accounting 2010 Pro to Sage 50 cloud

I understand that it is possible to upgrade from Simply Pro 2010 to Sage 50 Premium.

The question I have is, is there any difference between upgrading to desktop or cloud versions.

Only upgrading to Premium to get 2 users.


  • Hi bcbill:

    If you are using Sage 50 it can be used as a desktop version and a cloud version. However, depending upon on how you purchase the product will determine whether you will only have a desktop version or a subscription product which will be both a desktop and/or cloud version. You may purchase either a perpetual license or a subscription package.

    Hope this answers your question!

  • bcbill: Simply Accounting Pro 2010 can be upgraded to Sage 50 Premium with limited cloud functionality. Sage 50 remains a desk top version. One of the Cloud options provides Remote Data Access which stores a copy of your data in the cloud and it can be accessed from any other computer that has Sage 50 Cloud installed, with proper permissions. In the Pro version you can have two users able to accessed the file but not concurrently. The Premium version will allow two users at the same time.

    Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a true cloud based program which can have many users using the program concurrently. This program can be accessed from anywhere that you have access to a browser without being installed on the local computer. SBCA does not have all of the functionality of Sage 50 but very close to it. You can move from Sage 50 to SBCA and they can be connected so they can work together.

    Which program you choose should depend on your specific needs for your financial records. Is one better than the other or would a combination be best? Do you require inventory or payroll? If you require inventory is it very basic or more advanced? as you can see there are many questions to be answered and each response will trigger more questions. It would be best to talk with someone local who has full knowledge of both programs and can best advise you. Setting up the best program today will help to provide the needed information for you to run the business as it grows in the future.