has anyone had any issues since the recent July 2021 update when creating a new inventory item, the item won't save?

when trying to make a new inventory item, once all the fields are complete, the item just won't save.

  • I just tested a sample company I have and it worked ok.

    Do you get any error messages?

    When you say

    once all the fields are complete

    exactly what do you mean?  There are a lot of fields that can have something entered and depends on the version you are using.  If you are entering the vendor list, for example, and haven't done that in a while, there could be something wrong in that table in your file.

  • simply, going to create a new inventory item manually - complete all the required fields in the linked accounts and it just won't save...or create new to save the one you are on. no importing.

  • I would not suspect it is not a widespread problem and likely only related to your file.

    Try entering the same item in the sample file or create a new dummy file and see if it will accept a new item.

    If they will accept the item, then it is likely a data-level problem in your file.  You might try running a backup then the Advanced Database Check from the Maintenance menu.

    Once you do that you can check out the log for information in

    C:\Users\<Your Windows Username>\Documents\Simply\DbVerifier\Logs

  • thank you for the info!! the file checked out completely fine.

    I am wondering if it has to do with the number of inventory items-maximum?

  • There is no technical maximum.  I've imported more than 30,000 items into a client's file before.  If there was a maximum I would think you would get a message.

    What happened when you tried the other files I suggested.