Sage 50 2019 version installation


Can some one help me with 2019 sage 50 installation on windows please


  • Maybe you could help us help you by telling us what you are having problems with?  There could be a lot of things we can tell you right now that are not the solution, so that would be just a waste of time.

    eg. when I double click on the installation program called xxxxxx.exe it give this specific error (and give us the error message) and will not continue.  Also let us know if you have tried anything from the Knowledgebase that did not fix the problem (some messages refer users to the Knowledgebase, some don't).

  • Hello Richard thanks for the reply. I am about to start a course on Sage and the CD that I was provided with the book, only installs the material but I do not see the Sage platform or Sage being installed in my computers as instructed in the book . I can not run the application from the start menu and was not set up in the desk top what has been supposed installed is just saved in C drive in the form of executable file or link that would install the CD where it will ask you the serial number or access code for the Software... I don't want to use the 30 day trial which I can install from your web site...I don't know if I have to contact my college...Thanks....

  • I just discovered there is some student version with serial number I am downloading that.. I will be contacting you after contacting the college, incase that is what it is...Thanks.

  • Talk about burying the lead on that one.  For your information this is generally a user to user forum.  This is not my website as I am not a Sage employee.  There is a Student forum on this site that may help you more with the specifics of the college courses.  Your instructor should be able to help with getting the correct version installed as well.

    If you go right to the top of this page and click on the Canada link you will find the Student forum near the bottom of the screen under Specialty Groups.

    For general questions about the program we can help but few people here have the courseware so we don't know what your instructions are for each exercise (eg. don't ask us how to do Question 4 because we likely have never read it).

    Good luck in the course!

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