Uninstalling and reinstalling Sage 50 Canadian 2018

We moved recently and since then have been getting an error msge of Key File Missing and are unable to open Simply.  Having spent AGES trying to find the answer online, it appears the best solution is to uninstall it and reinstall it.  That would be easy enough I guess if I could even find the links through Simply to even access the download files. 

Could someone plse assist with providing the correct link... or any other suggestions on how to overcome this seeming circuitous mess I am in?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Regards, Carol

  • Hi Carol:

    Look for the Sage folder on your root drive C:\. Inside this folder you should find your install files. In another location on your computer it may be located here C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download. If you are still having issues with finding the installation files please contact us by looking under our Sage profile.

    I hope this helps!

  • The installation program is generally in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download.  Any updates should be there as well.  You will also find the original year's installation program in C:\Sage.

    Before you reinstall have you looked at Knowledgebase Article 98686?

    I don't think Sage has the download available for 2018 anymore.  Be aware you will need your serial number, keycode, account ID etc. to reinstall.  If you can get one computer to open the program, even on the sample file, it is on Help, About Sage 50...., Support Info if you don't have a copy on the desktop or printed.

  • Hi Agate, yes I have that folder, but am not sure which file to "run".  I have this:


    and within the Sage 50  Accounting Installer Files - CDN Rlease 2019.0 FOLDER there is an application called:


    I assume prior to doing anything, I need to uninstall the current program?

    Thanks for your input!

    Regards, Carol

  • Hi Richard, thanks for your help on this. 

    Yes, I reviewed the Knowledgebase Article (and went through the steps) and at the end of it === I think a reinstall is the only solution.

    The link to the download you provided doesn't work so am I to assume the program is no longer available for download?

    Regards, Carol

  • I don't think Sage has the download available for 2018 anymore.

    I didn't provide a download link.