Convert Business Visions 2019 to Sage 50 Pro

Is there a way to convert a business visions file to Sage 50?

  • There is no direct conversion. I would suggest setting up Sage 50 Pro the way you want it and then, with a copy of the Trial Balance from Business Vision, enter your account balances. This is always best to do at the end of the fiscal period, however, it can be completed at any time as long as the two programs are in sync. Realizing also that there is no way to transfer the transactions or history from Business Vision it might be wise to plan on keeping BV available for a period of time as reference.

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    Re-posting my response from this other post. It appears that KB (59807) - Sage BusinessVision to Sage 50 - CA Edition Data Migrator was archived back in December 2020 as this product is no longer being sold. DebHawkins happy to set up a callback, just let me know. A Sage BV specialist would be needed, to chat with an agent go here, you'll be greeted by the AI Pegg and then connected to a Sage BV support rep. 

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  • Thank you, Erzi, for this update. I was recently advised that the migrator was no longer available hence my earlier reply. Maybe it is no longer available as it was archived at the end of 2020.