Sage 50 CA installation on cloud server

Hello Team,

I recently migrated our Sage 50 CA from the local server to the ServerCloud (PasS). On the same cloud server, Sage 50 CA is integrated with the DispatchMate application meant for logistics management. From DispatchMate invoices are exported to the Sage 50 application where the accounts team logs in to accomplish the tasks. 

Now, since the applications moved to the new platform, Only one user can log in to sage 50 at any given time whereas we have four licenses for users. As it's a share company account in Sage, all users must be able to log in at the same. When other users try to login into the app, they are asked about Database location every time. Then if I manually connect with the Database then an error tells some other user is logged in. 

Would be kind to help me with this issue?



  • Hi @Rajesh,


    Thanks for reaching out. Did you ever find an answer for this issue? If you are still looking for guidance, please let us know and we can try to point you in the right direction or suggest some resources or next steps.

    Ran this by our senior team for Sage 50 CA support who advised that this could be related to permissions. See section 1 on KB 10194.


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